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3 Criteria to Remember When Selecting an ERP System

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The ERP system you select needs to be flexible enough to grow with your company

Let’s face it, your business is constantly changing and evolving. For this reason, when selecting an ERP system for your business, it is important to make sure that the system is capable of changing and adapting just as quickly as your company does. You have to be prepared when the market expands. You have to be ready to implement new operating procedures as they arise, and you need to be prepared to handle growth effectively and efficiently.

That’s why it is so important to invest in an ERP system that not only meets the needs of your company today but can also be scaled and modified to meet your needs over the next decade or more. The top ERP vendors should have both longevity and experience on their side, ensuring your ERP system will provide solutions today and in the years to come.

Must be able to adapt to your business goals and processes

When selecting an ERP system, it is important to remember that the most effective ERP systems are not built upon the theory that “one size fits all.” Every business is different; therefore, each system must be tailored to meet individual goals and objectives. You should not have to change your business model to accommodate the software applications. Instead, the functionality of the system should mesh with the best practices you have already established and mold to meet your unique business needs.

Allows for seamless integration across all of your applications

The ERP system your organization selects should integrate seamlessly across all of your business applications, streamlining processes and information flow from finance, HR and manufacturing to sales and marketing, distribution and supply chain management. A fully integrative system will earn its keep by improving productivity, increasing revenue and reducing costly downtime.

We would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your plans around selecting an ERP system and how we might be able to lend our assistance in this process by scheduling a brief meeting with one our top ERP implementation managers.

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enVista is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Certified Partner and Retail Solution Partner. With unmatched supply chain consulting, LEAN process improvement and technical/functional expertise with Microsoft Dynamics 365, enVista uniquely enables manufacturing and distribution-centric companies to address their supply chain and business requirements, from source to consumption. enVista’s Enterprise Solutions practice brings a proven track record of implementation success and highly referenceable Dynamics 365 clients. Microsoft Dynamics 365 users benefit from a single partner that can address all of their ERP and IT requirements, including cloud and managed hosting services. enVista also offers productivity and data migration tools that extend the value clients obtain from their Dynamics 365 solutions.

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