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enVista Announces Enhancements to Proprietary Labor Management System (LMS) enCompass™

enCompass now provides native integrations with SAP eWM so SAP users can maximize labor productivity and savings leveraging enVista’s best-of-breed LMS, industrial engineering, change management, training and incentive-based compensation solutions

INDIANAPOLIS (April 21, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces the release of new enhancements and additions to its proprietary, SaaS-based LMS, enCompass™. enCompass continues to meet high demand for planning, forecasting, monitoring and reporting on labor performance, covering the three key levels of an effective LMS: core functionality and cost effectiveness, integration with any WMS and employee engagement and retention enablement.

enVista’s enCompass, a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based labor management system that can be integrated to any host WMS application, now also integrates with SAP eWM to provide the core engineering and reporting functionality that CIOs and operations leaders expect from any LMS, while striving to be the most cost-effective option in the market, offering rapid ROI.

enCompass now includes key new features, such as multi-site reporting, auto-emailing of labor reports, associate observations scheduling and trend analysis, labor planning, export to payroll applications for incentive-based pay and mobile support via Android platform. With the addition of these features, enCompass uniquely offers incentive-based pay, reduces required overtime hours and dependency on temporary labor, improves the use of WMS and material handling systems, enhances communication between employees and management, standardizes processes and more.

enVista’s Vice President, Technology, Tom Stretar, said, “By building out native integrations between our labor management system and SAP eWM, we are able to offer SAP clients a comprehensive labor management solution that significantly improves labor productivity, savings and associate retention in their warehouses and distribution centers (DCs). This is a game-changer for companies grappling with labor shortages, tight fulfillment timeframes and DC constraints. We look forward to helping SAP eWM users deliver rapid, measurable labor productivity improvements for improved competitive advantage.”

Scott Eichstadt, CRECERA Chief Operating Officer, said, “Since 2014, we partnered with enVista on developing and maintaining our engineered labor standards and our warehouse associate incentive-based pay programs with the implementation of their enCompass Labor Management System (LMS). The (enCompass) LMS data that we’ve generated over the past several years has allowed us better serve our customers by optimizing automation and manual labor processes within our DC, supplemented by a competitive compensation package for our associates.”

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enVista Sees 35% YoY Growth in 2021 Software Practice Revenue

enVista’s order management, labor management and freight audit and payment software solutions experience record revenue and client growth in a market where cutting-edge supply chain and omnichannel commerce technologies have proven essential to business success and competitive advantage

INDIANAPOLIS (April 19, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces that its proprietary software solutions, Order Management System (OMS), Enspire Commerce, Labor Management System (LMS), enCompass™, and Transportation Analytics Platform, myShipINFO®, are becoming even more essential across the supply chain, exhibited by immense year-over-year revenue growth and market recognition.

enVista is an industry leader in software solutions that cover the entire end-to-end supply chain. enVista’s core proprietary software solutions solve the most prominent challenges of today’s manufacturers, distributors and omnichannel organizations. In 2021, enVista saw 17% YoY growth in its software license revenue, 128% growth in its Microsoft solution practice, and 35% YoY growth in overall software revenue.

enVista’s VP, Product Management, Darryl Barr, said, “At enVista, we have strategically built modern, highly agile, cloud-native solutions that are solving some of today’s most complex and urgent omnichannel and supply chain challenges. enVista’s OMS is enabling clients like GNC and Spencer’s/Spirit Halloween to deliver enterprise inventory availability, optimize order orchestration, manage the shipment experience, leverage mobile fulfillment and deliver a seamless, stellar omnichannel brand experience. Our LMS is helping clients significantly improve labor productivity across their distribution centers, and our global freight audit and payment solution is delivering powerful transportation savings and business intelligence. We are very honored to build solutions that make commerce more efficient and profitable, and we are excited about the innovation yet to come as part of our strategic product roadmaps.”

enVista’s CEO, Jim Barnes, said, “It is incredibly humbling and exciting to deliver the software solutions unifying, optimizing and powering omnichannel commerce and supply chains today. The transportation spend management, labor management and omnichannel commerce software solutions we have built and deliver are mission-critical to the success and competitive advantage of thousands of the world’s leading brands.”

Barnes continued, “I am deeply proud of our innovative and talented software development, product management, systems implementation and client support teams who are central to delivering exceptional results for our clients. All of the software solutions we have developed over the last 20 years leverage the deep supply chain and omnichannel domain expertise we bring as an organization so that they truly solve our clients’ business challenges. This has made all of the difference to our clients’ success and is fueling our own record growth and success in return.”

enVista’s LMS, enCompass™, which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers the fastest speed to value on the market, competing with tier 1 technology to improve labor productivity through engineered labor standards, system selection and implementation and training.

myShipINFO® underwent significant enhancements in 2021 as well, including rich boardroom level business insights, self-service general ledger account coding and real-time event management for post-shipment and pre-delivery expectation management.

Visit our website to learn more about enVista’s OMS, LMS and Transportation Analytics platforms.


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Dallas Cowboys Merchandising Selects enVista to Implement Storage and Automated Each Picking System

enVista’s turnkey automation solution streamlines omnichannel product flows for faster turnaround from order to fulfillment

INDIANAPOLIS (April 14, 2022) – enVista, a global software, managed services, consulting and automation solutions firm, optimizing and transforming both physical and digital commerce, today announces that Dallas Cowboys Merchandising will leverage enVista’s expertise and experience in automation consulting and integration to implement a storage and automated each picking system in its 440,000 square foot facility. 

Today’s multi-channel supply chain landscape is putting pressure on distributors and manufacturers more than ever to achieve faster turnaround from the time an order is placed to fulfillment and delivery. Dallas Cowboys Merchandising currently manages wholesale, retail and ecommerce orders, as well as internal production, and needed a solution that would enable a decrease in labor costs while increasing throughput rates and better storage capabilities.

enVista provided Dallas Cowboys Merchandising with a turnkey solution including facility design, material handling equipment (MHE) implementation and warehouse management system (WMS) implementation. enVista also implemented its proprietary order management system (OMS), part of enVista’s Unified Commerce platform, Enspire Commerce.

Dallas Cowboys Merchandising Chief Operating Officer, Tim Burkhart, said, “Order fulfillment speed has never been more critical to our customer service and satisfaction levels. Our team needed the right partner to help us determine and implement the optimal processes and technology to deliver on those customer expectations. We are thrilled to partner with enVista. Their team is delivering exceptional expertise to optimize our facility and distribution processes for competitive advantage.”

enVista Managing Partner and Automation Group Leader, Mike Kasperski, said, “It is a true pleasure to partner with the Dallas Cowboys Merchandising team to design and implement optimal automated solutions that will deliver target business outcomes and improve service levels to their customers. The Dallas Cowboys team understands that aligning and optimizing distribution processes, labor and technology delivers powerful efficiencies and results. By strategically implementing automation and enabling technologies in its distribution center, Dallas Cowboys Merchandising will exponentially improve their efficiencies and speed omnichannel fulfillment timeframes to meet consumer expectations around same-day and next-day delivery.” Kasperski continued, “Dallas Cowboys Merchandising continues to remain ahead of the curve in supply chain strategies and innovation, and we are proud to partner in their success.”

Visit enVista’s website for more information on its Automation Consulting and Integration practice and Order Management Software, part of enVista’s Unified Commerce Platform, Enspire Commerce.


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enVista Announces 36% YoY Revenue Increase Among Other Financial Performance and Business Momentum Successes in 2021

enVista saw significant year-over-year (YoY) revenue and company growth results
across all solution areas in 2021

INDIANAPOLIS (April 12, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces immense revenue, new hire and business momentum growth in 2021. The firm grew sales revenue by 36% YOY and achieved significant sales results across all of its Automation, Transportation, Supply chain, IT, Microsoft and Unified Commerce practices. enVista also hired 283 associates across the globe, acquired a major automation firm and expanded its presence in APAC with a headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

enVista’s Strategy practice nearly doubled its growth in 2021 with a 48% YoY revenue increase. Demand for enVista’s consulting and supply chain network design capabilities skyrocketed as clients increasingly need to overcome supply and demand volatility to build more sustainable and resilient supply chains and improve service levels and competitive advantage.

enVista’s Technology Practice grew across all platforms and technologies, as did demand for enVista’s selection and implementation of third-party systems. Revenue for enVista’s omnichannel order management system grew over 35% YOY, and enVista was named on the Forrester 2021 OMS wave report as “One of the 7 Providers that Mattered Most.” enVista’s Labor Management team celebrated its 500th unique site labor management system implementation, increasing workforce efficiency and profitability across hundreds of warehouses and distribution centers. Its Microsoft Practice also saw 32% YoY growth.

Contributing to the growth of the firm’s Automation practice, enVista strategically acquired leading material handling equipment, systems and robotics firm, HCM Systems, Inc. (HCM) in July of 2021 to meet growing market demand for automated solutions. The acquisition of HCM not only strengthened enVista’s position as the only physical and digital commerce solutions provider in the market but also enabled enVista to acquire HCM’s robotics lab and effectively expand the firm’s robotics capabilities, talent and expertise.

enVista, CEO, Jim Barnes, said, “I am so proud of the entire enVista organization for all of the incredible accomplishments we have seen over the last year. In 2022, enVista celebrates its 20th anniversary since our founding, and it brings me immense joy and pride to see how far we have come as a company and team and all the ways we have helped clients make their global supply chains more efficient, profitable and sustainable.”

enVista Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder, John Stitz, said, “The revenue and growth we have achieved over the last year is nothing less than extraordinary. Supply chains have spent the last two years in a constant state of adaptation, and it is our honor to be able to guide our clients and deliver solutions that provide meaningful value for their organizations and customers. I can’t wait to see what more our enVista team accomplishes in supply chain and commerce in 2022 and beyond.”

To learn more, visit enVista’s website, which was also newly launched and expanded in 2021.  


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Food Logistics Recognizes enVista as a Top Software and Technology Provider for Ninth Consecutive Year

enVista is recognized for ensuring safe, efficient and reliable food and beverage supply chains among its global clients

INDIANAPOLIS (March 31, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces that Food Logistics has named enVista as a top software and technology provider in the end-to-end food and beverage supply chain. This is enVista’s ninth consecutive year being recognized for this award.

Food Logistics Editor-in-Chief, Marina Mayer, said, “Many of today’s top software and technology providers aim not only to curb supply chain disruptions but also to promote supply chain resilience. From enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) to real-time analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), demand management, mobile technology, and yes, supply chain visibility, today’s software and technology providers offer end-to-end solutions for whatever may be looming around the corner.”

enVista’s food and beverage clients are grappling with constant swings in demand, from very high highs to very low lows. enVista’s consulting services and software solutions work together to optimize physical and digital supply chain networks and enhance efficiency across the entire end-to-end supply chain, from facility design to transportation, labor management and more.

enVista’s CEO, Jim Barnes, said, “It is an honor to once again be recognized by Food Logistics for delivering end-to-end consulting, technology, managed services and automation solutions that optimize supply chains and unify commerce for food and beverage companies. It is incredibly rewarding to help our clients put food on tables across the globe and to help address the unique and evolving requirements within the food and beverage industry. With end-to-end supply chain and omnichannel commerce solutions, enVista is helping hundreds of food and beverage manufacturing, distribution, 3PL, omnichannel retail and grocery clients maximize efficiencies, profitability, customer service and competitive advantage. We feel incredibly privileged and excited to continue to serve this industry and its consumers.”

enVista’s food and beverage solutions cover the entire end-to-end supply chain, including supply chain software integration; LEAN operations analysis; facility design and automation implementation; product flow design; transportation solutions; omnichannel strategy; order management and more.

Visit Food Logistics’ website to learn more about Food Logistics’ 2021 Top Software and Technology Providers.

Visit our website to learn more about enVista’s Food and Beverage solutions.

Visit our website to learn more about enVista.


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enVista Launches enStore™, An Enterprise Mobile Fulfillment App That Enables Retail Store Associates to Easily Sell, Fulfill and Return Omnichannel Orders Anywhere in the Store

enVista’s highly intuitive, easy-to-use, flexible and customizable application uniquely integrates omnichannel order fulfillment, enterprise inventory available to promise, and mobile point of sale capabilities to empower store associates to deliver seamless, stellar customer service from a single, handheld device

INDIANAPOLIS (March 28, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces the launch of its mobile fulfillment app, enStore™. The first-of-its-kind mobile solution uniquely integrates omnichannel order fulfillment, enterprise inventory available to promise (ATP), and mobile point of sale (mPOS) capabilities that enable retailers to deliver an exceptional customer experience. The solution rapidly integrates and deploys and is highly intuitive and customizable, making it a game-changer for omnichannel retail organizations looking for visibility, interoperability and agility across their customer and associate functions.

enVista’s enStore™ solution includes customizable onboarding, training modules and in-app assistance, making it notably easy and efficient to train associates across the store network. enStore also includes built-in gamification features to incentivize, engage and reward associates around picking, packing and selling, and ultimately, to focus on delivering quick and delightful experiences for customers.

Leveraging a highly extensible microservices architecture, enStore™ can run on Apple iOS, Windows or Android devices and easily integrates to a retailer’s existing technology.

enVista’s CEO Jim Barnes said, “Store associates are being tasked with more responsibilities and varied types of tasks, especially with the growth of buy online/pick up in store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, ship to/from store, and the demand for sell, fulfill and return anywhere in the store. enVista’s enStore app is designed to extend the ideal customer experience to all customers at any point in the store and to make it easy for store operations leaders to train associates across the store network and scale the personalized customer experiences that define their brand. We look forward to the ways this application will revolutionize the customer experience, store operations, and omnichannel transformation for retailers.”

enStore™ is pre-integrated and built on a common data model with enVista’s market-leading OMS and Point of Sale solutions; however, it can easily be leveraged with any order management system or POS.  

Visit our website to learn more about enVista’s enStore™ app.

Visit our website to learn more about enVista.