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enVista Announces Publicis Sapient as Implementation Partner for enVista’s Market-Leading Order Management System (OMS) and Unified Commerce Solutions

Publicis Sapient brings implementation expertise and added capacity to respond to significant market demand for enVista’s omnichannel solutions while expanding Publicis Sapient’s best-in-class solution offerings

INDIANAPOLIS (March 22, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces a strategic partnership with Publicis Sapient, a digital business transformation company.

The partnership effectively expands Publicis Sapient’s omnichannel solutions offerings, whereby its global team will be able to implement enVista’s cloud-native Unified Commerce Platform of omnichannel solutions for clients, including enVista’s highly extensible and agile, cloud-native Order Management Software. Through the strategic partnership, enVista will gain a proven implementation partner to meet market demand for its omnichannel solutions and speed time to value for clients.

enVista and Publicis Sapient bring together the best digital solutions and delivery capabilities so clients accelerate omnichannel transformation and deliver the optimal customer experience, omnichannel profitability and sustained competitive advantage. enVista was recently named one of “The Seven Providers that Matter Most” in The Forrester WaveTM: Order Management Systems report where it received highest scores for order orchestration, reporting and analytics, and its delivery model (tied).

enVista Executive Vice President, Davison Schopmeyer, said, “We are excited to partner with Publicis Sapient to deliver enVista’s best-in-class omnichannel commerce solutions and accelerate transformation for omnichannel organizations. We highly respect Publicis Sapient’s digital experience, knowledge, delivery expertise and commitment to ensure target business outcomes for clients and an exceptional implementation partnership, and we look forward to the value they will deliver for our joint clients.”

enVista’s highly extensible Order Management System enables buy, fulfill, track and return anywhere commerce. The solution includes native dropshipping, out-of-the-box marketplace integrations, subscriptions and AI-powered dynamic inventory allocation with predictive analytics to optimally allocate inventory in real-time to improve service levels and gross margin inventory return on investment (GMROI). The solution was strategically built from the ground up as microservices architecture and delivered on an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to rapidly integrate, speed time to value and reduce total cost of ownership for clients.

Jon Panella, Publicis Sapient’s Group Vice President, Commerce and Order Management Practice, said, “enVista has applied its 20 years of supply chain and omnichannel expertise to develop and deliver an exceptional, robust and highly extensible OMS solution and Unified Commerce Platform to the market. enVista’s OMS provides requisite enterprise inventory availability, order orchestration, omnichannel fulfillment and customer care, among other capabilities needed to unify commerce. We look forward to bringing the power of our combined solutions to the market and to helping companies deliver customer-centric, unified commerce.”  

Schedule a meeting to learn more about enVista and Publicis Sapient’s combined order management solution that leverages a market-leading unified commerce platform and exceptionally deep domain expertise to speed order management integration and maximize omnichannel results.


About enVista’s Enspire Unified Commerce Platform
enVista’s agile, functionally rich, modern OMS is the cornerstone solution required for omnichannel retail success. Built as microservices architecture delivered on an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), the solution implements in 4-5 months and, in some cases, as little as 8-12 weeks. In addition to its OMS, enVista offers a full platform of omnichannel microservices on its Enspire Unified Commerce Platform, including: order orchestration, inventory availability, omnichannel fulfillment strategy, customer care, marketplaces, subscriptions, point of sale/mobile point of sale (POS/mPOS), product information management (PIM), shipment experience, business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). The solution is named one of “The Seven Providers that Matter Most” in The Forrester WaveTM: Order Management Systems report

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Enspire Commerce Platform

About Publicis Sapient

Publicis Sapient is a digital business transformation company. We partner with global organizations to help them create and sustain competitive advantage in a world that is increasingly digital. We operate through our expert SPEED capabilities: Strategy and Consulting, Product, Experience, Engineering and Data, which combined with our culture of curiosity and deep industry knowledge, enables us to deliver meaningful impact to our clients’ businesses through reimagining the products and experiences their customers truly value. Our agile, data-driven approach equips our clients’ businesses for change, making digital the core of how they think and what they do. Publicis Sapient is the digital business transformation hub of Publicis Groupe with 20,000 people and over 50 offices worldwide. For more information, visit publicissapient.com.

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enVista Launches Inventory Forecasting and Planning as a Service Offering to the Market, Optimizing Inventory by Echelon and Channel

The subscription offering allows retailers, distributors and manufacturers to leverage enVista’s inventory forecasting and optimization experts and solutions on an ongoing basis in order to remain ahead of supply and demand variability and to optimize inventory by echelon and channel

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (March 8, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces the launch of its inventory forecasting and planning as a service (IFPaaS) solution. The subscription offering provides companies a convenient and scalable way to leverage enVista’s comprehensive inventory forecasting and planning solutions, with AI-powered dynamic inventory allocation, to adapt to evolving market changes, optimally position inventory across the network, optimize gross margin return on inventory investment (GMROI) and ensure the right inventory is available in the right place and right time to improve customer service. The solution offering can be delivered alongside enVista’s highly extensible, cloud-native omnichannel order management system (OMS) with enterprise inventory availability for even more powerful results.

As part of enVista’s IFPaaS offering, enVista’s team of global experts design an integrated S&OP process, complete a demand forecasting analysis, create inventory models, then manage and monitor inventory performance on an ongoing basis, acting as an extension of the client team. enVista also analyzes SKU historical profiles to determine where and how much inventory to position throughout the network to best meet service and financial objectives. After the initial performance benchmarking and launch, enVista’s team regularly meets with clients for operational reviews to evaluate dashboards and inventory performance metrics to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

enVista Senior Vice President of Consulting, Nate Rosier, said, “From increased supply chain and supplier issues to the complexities of rapid ecommerce growth, it is clear companies are increasingly challenged to deliver consistent inventory availability and profitablity across all channels and locations in today’s dynamic market. enVista brings the most seasoned inventory optimization experts and innovative solutions to the market. We are pleased to now offer our inventory forecasting, planning, positioning and management capabilities as a subscription service to strategically and continuously maximize inventory investments for competitive advantage.”

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Food Logistics Names enVista’s Nick Brown a 2022 Rock Star of the Supply Chain

enVista Director, Technology Consulting, Nick Brown, is recognized for his achievements that have shaped the global cold food supply chain

INDIANAPOLIS (March 1, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces that Food Logistics, the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global cold food supply chain, named enVista’s Nick Brown as a winner of the 2022 Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award, which recognizes influential individuals in the industry for their achievements, hard work and vision.

Brown joined enVista as Director, Technology Consulting in 2019 and is recognized for his expertise across end-to-end transportation strategies and technology. In the last year, Brown developed a driver labor standards platform in Blue Yonder’s labor management system, working with clients that operate more than 2000 trucks to develop delivery standards customized by location. By creating visibility and efficiency in the final mile, Brown enabled delivery standards that were customized to each location, improving service levels.

Brown said, “I am honored to be selected as a Food Logistics 2022 Rock Star of the Supply Chain. Supply and demand in the food and beverage industry has been anything but predictable in the last few years, making a flexible, optimized supply chain more critical than ever for competitive advantage. My team develops, implements and optimizes the processes, labor, facilities and technology needed to solve our clients’ unique challenges and deliver targeted business outcomes. I look forward to helping more food and beverage organizations unify and optimize their supply chains and omnichannel commerce”

Food Logistics Editor-in-Chief, Marina Mayer, said, “Behind every great company is an even greater leader, and the supply chain leaders receiving this award are no exception.” Mayer continued, “Within the last 18 months, the cold food chain has seen supply chain leaders rise to the occasion. These rock stars developed platforms, integrated automation and led teams through disruption after disruption. They’ve helped their companies pivot and adapt and continue to do so with grace, agility, flexibility and resilience. Congratulations to the true rock stars of the supply chain, who continue to keep the cold food chain moving.”

Recipients of this year’s award will be profiled in Food Logistics’ Jan/Feb 2022 print issue as well as online at Food Logistics’ website.

Learn more about enVista’s Food and Beverage services and solutions here.

About Food Logistics

Food Logistics reaches more than 26,000 supply chain executives in the global food and beverage industries, including executives in the food sector (growers, producers, manufacturers, wholesalers and grocers) and the logistics section (transportation, warehousing, distribution, software and technology) who share a mutual interest in the operations and business aspects of the global cold food supply chain. Food Logistics and sister publication Supply & Demand Chain Executive are also home to L.I.N.K. and L.I.N.K. Educate podcast channels, L.I.N.K. Live, SCN Summit, SupplyChainLearningCenter.com and more. Go to www.FoodLogistics.com to learn more.

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enVista’s Labor Management System (LMS) Implementation Team Reached 500th Unique Site Implementation in 2021

enVista’s labor management team increases workforce efficiency and profitability from system selection to post-implementation support

INDIANAPOLIS (February 24, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces that its labor management consulting team has completed its 500th unique labor management system site implementation. enVista’s comprehensive labor management capabilities include Lean operational assessments, engineered labor standards, systems implementations, change management and training, and incentive-based pay programs that collectively deliver significant productivity, employee satisfaction and retention improvements.

Labor management Systems (LMS) are in high demand for their ability to plan, forecast, monitor and report on labor performance, as well as their ability to integrate with Time and Attendance and Payroll systems for implementing and managing incentive pay programs. enVista implements both its proprietary LMS, enCompass™, as well as LMS systems from other best-of-breed providers Blue Yonder, Körber, Manhattan Associates, Easy Metrics and Next View.

enVista’s LMS services and solutions actively identify and eliminate waste from warehousing and distribution processes; improve individual and team productivity, and reduce labor costs while increasing profitability.

enVista’s Vice President, Technology, Tom Stretar, said, “With the current labor climate in the supply chain industry, labor management systems that can eliminate waste, increase productivity and maximize employee satisfaction are in high demand among CIOs and supply chain leaders. Our software systems selection and implementation team guides organizations to selecting the best labor technology for their operations, completes a seamless implementation process on time and within budget, and guides organizations afterward to ensure full adoption, a smooth, efficient transition, and target business results.”

Stretar continued, “I am incredibly proud of this team for reaching its 500th unique LMS implementation site. This milestone means 500 warehouses, distribution centers and supply chain facilities have realized immense improvements in workforce efficiencies, sustainability and profitability.”

Castellini Companies CIO, Dan Taylor, said, “We have partnered with enVista to help us implement the Blue Yonder Warehouse Labor Management (WLM) System and educate our operations staff on coaching, training and motivating our warehouse associates as part of our IT Roadmap and Operations strategy initiatives. We are extremely proud to be enVista’s 500th unique site.”

Visit our website to learn more about enVista’s LMS, enCompass™, and labor management system consulting services.

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enVista Recognized as Specialist Service Provider in 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy, Planning and Operations Consulting

Gartner, Inc. lists enVista as a provider of supply chain strategy and planning, among several other offerings across the end-to-end supply chain

INDIANAPOLIS (February 22, 2022) – enVista, a global software, consulting, managed services and automation firm optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce, today announces that it has been recognized in the Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy, Planning and Operations Consulting published by Gartner, Inc., a company delivering actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams. This is enVista’s fourth consecutive year being placed in this report.

Gartner, Inc. recognized enVista as a Global Specialist Provider in the supply chain strategy and planning category for its solutions. According to Gartner, Market Segmentation for Supply Chain Strategy and Planning are: “Supply Chain Strategy, Network Design, Digital Supply Chain Strategy and Supply Chain Planning/Sales and Operations Planning”. enVista was also listed as a Specialist Provider in the supply chain operations category for its solutions. According to Gartner, Market Segmentation for Supply Chain Operations are: Sourcing and Procurement, Factory Operations, Warehouse and Distribution Operations, Transportation Operations and Store and Multichannel Operations. Finally, enVista was recognized as a provider of supply chain business process as a service.

In the report, Gartner said, “Demand for supply chain consulting services is up significantly, with a rebound that started in September 2020 and is continuing through 2021.” Gartner continued, “The supply chain strategy, planning and operations consulting market is transforming. Providers are shifting delivery models in response to external disruptive forces and customer demand for increased speed to value. Supply chain leaders can use this Market Guide to find the right consulting firm.”

enVista’s CEO, Jim Barnes, said, “We are honored to be recognized by Gartner as a specialist provider of supply chain strategy, planning and operations. enVista’s supply chain strategy and inventory optimization practice continues to experience explosive growth based on our deep expertise, end-to-end capabilities and the exceptional results we deliver for our clients. Our consulting practice experienced its highest booking year in enVista’s 19-year history in 2021, primarily from word of mouth client referrals, as supply chain leaders increasingly require a trusted supply chain consulting partner to optimize and unify their global processes, labor, technology and automation, inventory, facilities, data and customer experience. We look forward to helping more organizations drive agility, profitability and competitive advantage in the coming year.”

enVista’s global supply chain consulting services and enabling technologies include: supply chain strategy and network design; product flow and inventory optimization; robotics and automation; material handling and facility design build; systems evaluation, selection and implementation; a leading unified commerce cloud platform solution; demand planning and forecasting; supply chain optimization and workforce management; strategic carrier sourcing strategy; global transportation visibility and analytics; and much more.

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Visit our website to download the full Gartner Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy, Planning and Operations Consulting.

Gartner, Market Guide for Supply Chain Strategy, Planning and Operations Consulting, 10 November 2021, Michael Dominy

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