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Improve product development with strategic sourcing consulting.

Properly executed, a strategic sourcing effort provides a framework for constructing a flexible, durable supply chain that includes redundancy at critical failure points, repeatable processes and appropriate KPIs. Our strategic sourcing consulting team helps organizations develop personalized sourcing processes to drive success.

Future-proof your supply chain with strategic sourcing consulting.

In today’s environment where product lifecycles are short, trade disruptions are common and consumer expectations continue to rise, minimizing costs and reducing risks across the value chain are critical to success. The application of a well-conceived sourcing strategy across the value chain – from raw materials through doorstep delivery – will help today’s retailers and wholesalers navigate constantly shifting expectations to satisfy customer desires and priorities profitably while minimizing enterprise and brand risk and improving their bottom lines.

Strategic Sourcing Consulting

Robust Decision Making​

Understanding the real financial and cultural costs of your products – starting upstream of your supply network and ending with happy customers.

Flexible Supply Chain Processes​

Align your business’ priorities, markets and customers through improved redundancy and flexibility in your supply chain with fact and priority driven options.

Multiple Pipeline Options​

Product pipeline based on a comprehensive understanding of your supplier network, organizational capabilities and target customers.

Value Chain Durability & Defense​

Know when and where your chain is disrupted and have predefined processes, standards and options for remediation.

Brand Protection​

Leverage established supplier engagement rules.

Identifying Your Business Objectives​

Inform sourcing options consistent with enterprise values.

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