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Designing supply chains for world-class resilience, performance & flexibility.

enVista is the world’s leader in designing end-to-end supply chains that delight customers, reduce costs and create a lasting competitive advantage. enVista has unique capabilities in concepting, modeling and integrating key business factors into your future supply chain design.

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Solve your complex supply chain network challenges.

With solid, proven methodologies and the right modeling tools, enVista is an expert resource for solving complex supply chain network challenges for the long term. We work with a broad range of industry verticals, and while specific industry challenges differ, many of the variables impacting network design remain the same.

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Reduce Costs

Reductions in inventory, operational efficiencies, and transportation savings are key areas of savings for our customers.

Competitive Advantage

enVista leverages proprietary modeling techniques and end-to-end supply chain analysis to design the highest performing supply chains in the industry.

Optimize Transportation

From re-rating ecommerce shipments to optimizing route deliver to benchmarking inbound intermodal freight, enVista’s experienced transportation strategy team provides the financial and execution plan to drive network strategy.

Streamline Processes

enVista’s goal is to provide a network design that, when implemented, is simple to operate. enVista reviews supporting supply chain planning and executions systems to ensure our customers can execute the supply chain as designed.

Improve Service Levels

enVista improves services levels through inventory positioning, and we specialize in designing micro-fulfillment centers applications as well as multi-echelon supply chain networks.

Reduce Overall Cycle Times

enVista’s analysis focuses on inventory flow throughout the supply chain as it moves between nodes and through distribution centers. Our focus is to reduce cycle times through lean operations analysis.

Proven experience. Maximum results.

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Implementing a Global Network Redesign to Realign Both Capacity and Warehouses for Briggs & Stratton

  • Realigned its warehouses and capacity within, supporting present and future business shifts
  • Total supply chain cost reduction greater than 15%
  • Service level improvements of 14%
  • Reduction of warehouse costs of 6%

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Increase ROI Through Successful Warehouse Slotting

A well-thought-out slotting strategy also enables businesses to minimize wasted space and maximize storage capacity within the warehouse. Increase ROI using the right tools, strategy and management plan with successful warehouse slotting.


Supply Chain Network Optimization FAQs

Supply chain network optimization is the process of creating an overview of an organization’s supply chain. This process can take different forms, but it most often involves creating a model replica of the supply chain and visuals of all transactions within the supply chain. This model allows organizations to examine and evaluate different parts of supply chains with an end-to-end view. The information gleaned from this exercise can then be used to lower supply chain costs, create better demand forecasts and optimize processes across the supply chain. The supply chain optimization process can involve using anything from simple technology to advanced supply chain network software, depending on the organization and complexity of the supply chain being examined.

Supply chain network design is an analytical process that helps companies determine the optimal combination of suppliers, manufacturers, facilities and products using mathematical modeling. This process helps eliminate a lot of the issues that arise during the growth process of a typical organization.

The process starts with determining an organization’s main business goals, such as plans for expansion, specific financial goals, market sectors being targeted, etc. This information is used to identify specific factors that could help meet these goals, such as pricing, competition, customer service processes, etc.

This information is then used to optimize supply chain processes, which helps create an optimal balance between production, supply and distribution costs. The result is streamlined and efficient processes that drive company growth and lower overall operating costs.

Supply chain network optimization allows companies to step out of the mire of day-to-day operations and examine their end-to-end supply chain and processes from a more analytical perspective. This has many benefits, including:

Lowered Costs

The supply chain network optimization process looks at every step of an organization’s supply chain. This examination of each part of the process allows companies to find areas where they are wasting money. When these areas are addressed, overall cost of operations can be lowered quickly.

Less Resource Waste

Inefficient supply chain processes can lead to wasted resources, lowering profits. Figuring out where this is happening and implementing better procedures can help lower overall waste throughout an organization. This leads to less dead stock, excess raw materials, etc., saving organizations money throughout each part of the supply chain.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

A deep understanding of your company’s supply chain can help you figure out where you might need to be flexible. For example, you may realize that certain items are in high demand during certain parts of the year, so you need to order more raw materials before these booms in demand occur. This leads to products being well-stocked during times of high demand, which leads to your customers getting the products they want in a timely manner.

Every organization has a different level of supply chain complexity, so there is no one right answer to this question. Some signs that a supply chain network optimization could be needed are:

  • An extended period has passed since an optimization was performed
  • Product portfolios have changed
  • Issues with inventory levels and costs
  • New mergers and acquisitions

With increasingly competitive markets, supply chain optimization is critical. Many companies are now giving up on more tedious processes in favor of outsourcing supply chain network optimization to experts who use simulation software to prepare and populate models quickly.

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