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Providing an accountability framework for delivery of service.

We provide the service governance model that overlays our contractual obligations with our clients that defines priorities and responsibility with team assignments between enVista and our clients.

envista service governance
Consultants create SOP processes for demand plans and supply plans.

We focus on our clients' experience and ensure there are no surprises.

Our model governs the successful delivery of engagements through scheduled touchpoints that maintain healthy and productive relationships focused on expected results from our agreements. Issue escalation, resolution procedures, expedited dispute resolution procedures and change control procedures are also defined and managed as part of the process. 

Balanced Score Card

We measure sourced services against the customer’s business strategy and service expectations to maintain governance. Our scorecard includes four major areas: value, managed risk, relationship and operational performance. Each of area includes standard measures that will be presented on a regular basis.   

Dedicated Account Management Team

We provide clients with a dedicated account management team that focuses on key aspects of the agreement to ensure success and satisfaction. The teams consist of an account manager, service delivery managers, a transition & transformation manager and a finance manager.

Service Delivery Measurements

We set and measure our service against service-level agreements and KPIs to ensure we are meeting expectations. 

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