Pivot 2021. 

Rapidly deploy strategies for critical cost savings, commerce agility, and supply chain resilience

In turbulent and volatile times, the importance of our supply chains, information technology, and global commerce becomes amplified. Take mission-critical steps to foster resilience and overcome disruption.

A leading research firm refers to enVista as the ‘MIT of Strategy.’ Hundreds of leading brands leverage our solutions to optimize their commerce and supply chains.

Navigating the Unprecedented.

enVista is your partner.

Understanding all of your business drivers requires expertise across physical and digital commerce. Our consultants bring exceptional supply chain, IT, and unified commerce expertise – end-to-end – along with nimble solutions that:

  • Rapidly drive cost-savings and efficiencies across your global network. 
  • Take advantage of every sales opportunity exposing enterprise inventory to shifting demand points (e-commerce demand), and rapidly enabling omnichannel fulfillment capabilities, including BOPIS, ship from store and dropship.

enVista Solutions for Savings & Resilience

  • Command and control your supply chain with global transportation visibility, spend management, and BI
  • Optimize global and domestic supply chain network and mode strategies 
  • Determine optimal sourcing and carrier mix
  • Implement last-mile delivery strategies resilient to capacity constraints
  • Enable suppliers to ship direct to consumers
  • Create robust contingency plans
  • Revise S&OP
  • Strategically enable digital transformation 

Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Quickly enable BOPIS, curbside delivery,
    ship from store & dropship

  • Expose and shift inventory to respond to surging e-commerce demand
  • Optimize omnichannel fulfillment and order orchestration
  • Enable a single enterprise view of customer and inventory 
  • Make predictive inventory decisions with AI
  • Conduct crisis response evaluations
  • Plan & allocate merchandise to maximize ROI

Quickly Respond to Shifts in Customer Demand

  • Enable agile, scalable omnichannel fulfillment: BOPIS, ship from store and dropship 
  • Manage, train and upskill your workforce
  • Implement digital collaboration platforms for the modern remote workforce
  • Keep your enterprise running with data security and IT managed services
  • Restructure operating models
  • Automate distribution and store operations to drive efficiency and scalability 
  • Enable micro-fulfillment strategies

Rapidly Adapt Operations with Flexibility

Our clients run the global supply chains and commerce operations critical to the health and well-being of the world’s population and economy. We are here to help you respond to the dynamic supply and demand changes in your business and to remain your trusted advisor during this unprecedented chapter.

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