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Revolutionize your supply chain with SLAM line automation.

Streamline operations, increase efficiency and enhance accuracy in your supply chain with enVista’s SLAM line automation solution.

Streamlined operations, enhanced accuracy, and real-time traceability.

At enVista, we drive leading solutions that transform manufacturing and distribution operations. Our SLAM line automation offering leverages advanced solutions and cutting-edge scanning technology to automate critical tasks, such as scanning, labeling, applying and manifesting, as well as dimensioning and weighing. By integrating SLAM technology into your supply chain, you can achieve streamlined operations, increased efficiency and improved accuracy.

Scan Tunnels

With cutting-edge scan tunnel technology that automates the scanning process for incoming and outgoing items, enVista ensures real-time visibility of inventory, improving accuracy and streamlining the order processing flow.

Stocking Shipping Systems

enVista optimizes stocking and shipping processes, improving order accuracy, reducing labor costs and streamlining operations. This approach enables efficient inventory management and enhances overall productivity in order fulfillment and shipping operations.

Weight and Dimension Systems

Weight and dimension systems are integrated to streamline order processing to enable precise order measurements, reducing errors and optimizing transportation planning – resulting in greater operational efficiency and minimized shipping costs.


enVista analyzes data and specific client needs to create customized design plans that seamlessly integrate scanning, labeling, applying and manifesting stages. The design strategy focuses on maximizing operational efficiency, reducing errors and enhancing overall productivity.

Print and Apply

By automating the labeling process, enVista’s team ensures that each product receives the correct label with essential information such as SKU, description and destination. This strategy eliminates manual errors, improves order accuracy and enhances traceability throughout the supply chain.

Automation Lab

Our leading automation system integrators and engineers prove the value and application of SLAM line automation, developing robust, custom automation solutions for clients in our state-of-the-art automation lab and testing facility in Chicago. Our integration team has the capabilities to design custom testing environments to handle your target products and conduct real-world testing, proving that the SLAM Line automation solution will accomplish the task at hand. Our team of authorized system integrators can help you achieve your next automated material handling goal in a timely manner.

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