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Resolve issues early with IT Managed Services.

enVista provides flexible and scalable pay-per-use managed IT services which serve as a foundation for your digital transformation journey and enable continuous improvement.

Ensure agile IT foundations with IT Managed Services.

enVista’s IT Managed Services provide the monitoring and management of key IT infrastructure elements, including network, servers and storage, that are depended upon to deliver business services. Our focus on shift left service management and 24/7 monitoring are based upon end-to-end processes, enabling real-time alerts and notifications.

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Make enVista an extension of your business strategy with managed IT services.

For many companies, IT is still trying to catch up to the digital transformations and changing expectations of business users. In the past several years, expectations have evolved and revolutionized, increasing the demand for mobility and instant access to services and data. Additionally, global disruptors such as the pandemic have severely impacted businesses, increasing ecommerce volumes and resulting in unpredictable inventory management.

These changing conditions require new service models and approaches that leverage scalable technologies and architectures. As an experienced and award-winning managed services provider (MSP), enVista can deliver your new IT foundation leveraging our shift-left methodology. We provide services including a proactive approach to monitoring and technical support, real-time alerts and notifications, flexible contracts and scalable services to grow your business.

Kite Realty Group was thrilled to work with enVista in an expanded role to complete the merger within an expedited and rigorous timeline, while also overcoming additional challenges involving chip shortages and supply chain issues. Overall, the project was a resounding success.

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Let internal stakeholders determine what direction to take your IT strategy with managed IT services.

enVista works with your company to define and confirm the direction of your business, which will provide the basis for our IT consulting services. This includes defining the current and future business requirements of the company, which will be determined by reviewing existing corporate directives and interviewing your executive team, functional management and key users. A well-conducted assessment (reviews, surveys, etc.) provides an external perspective on the strengths and areas for improvement in your business and technological capabilities.

Whether your company needs a short-term solution to a tactical challenge, a long-term engagement to develop an enterprise-level IT strategy, or roadmap to meet overall business objectives, enVista has the managed services market experience and resources help to meet your business goals.

Using a proven approach, our IT consulting services cannot only help you define the application and direction of the infrastructure for information technology but also establish the company, governance and support dimension that will eventually make it successful. Our team of highly-skilled IT management consultants can help bridge the discussion and planning between business, technology, and implementation. We possess the breadth of expertise to assist in whatever manner is most beneficial and always provide knowledge capital along the way.

Enterprise IT consulting tailored to your company’s needs

Because every company is different, enVista tailors its technology services to align with your requirements. As one of the top 150 managed services providers, enVista’s proven practices, methods and templates provide a consistent basis for IT project engagements and allow the flexibility to easily adjust to your company. enVista utilizes our wide industry expertise and knowledge of business models and technology trends while leveraging our vast array of partnerships.

enVista’s experts have not only provided IT professional services to key players in your industry but have also served as corporate leaders that have executed the vision they helped shape. enVista will bring that same expertise and passion to your company to achieve an actionable and realistic technology roadmap for your company with our managed services offerings. Let us find the perfect managed IT solution for your organization. 

Managed IT Services FAQs

Managed IT services allow companies to outsource most IT-related tasks to an outside vendor. IT managed services are being used by more and more companies to lower the in-house workload, supplement in-house teams, or even completely replace in-house teams. A good managed services provider makes sure that your organization has 24/7 help for any IT duties or issues. Additionally, managed IT partners also provide insights from industry experts. Common types of managed IT services include network management, server and storage management, data protection and cloud services, end user device management and support, and application management.

Managed IT services offer many benefits to organizations, including:

Increased productivity

Outsourcing tedious IT tasks to a managed services company frees up internal employees to work on more strategic projects. Additionally, managed solution experts often can provide recommendations and peer insights to streamline and optimize your current IT environment,  leading to a better ROI across your organization.


Good managed IT companies generally offer 24/7 assistance. This means that you can run system updates, maintenance, etc. during off hours, so that these tasks don’t impact your team’s productivity.

Outsourcing Tasks Lowers Costs

Using a managed services company allows you to set specific contractual terms for different IT tasks, including SLAs (service level agreements.) This can lower costs across your organization since you will no longer have to spend resources and time finding and training new IT staff.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your managed services provider is monitoring your environment 24x7x365, and providing proactive services such as regular patching to keep up with the latest threats or bugs that could disrupt your productivity, offers valued peace of mind. This means that you can concentrate on your business without having to worry about the technology investment you made to support it.


Many people see the term “managed services” used alongside other phrases related to “cloud services” and aren’t sure what the difference is.

Cloud services are generally sold as a private, public or hybrid cloud. However, many cloud providers do not provide managed services for their cloud infrastructure, while managed IT service companies almost always offer the cloud platform used for their services as part of the contract.

There are a lot of things to consider when seeking out a managed services provider (MSP). Here are a few to keep in mind.

Service level agreement (SLA)

SLAs (service level agreements) explain the exact types of services you will get from your managed services provider. An SLA also defines what you should do if your MSP fails to provide the promised services.

You should check your service level agreement for a few things:

  • Client responsibilities – this section explains what responsibilities fall to your company vs the MSP.
  • Warranties – this section explains the repercussions if your managed services provider does not meet service expectations.
  • Processes for handling problems – this section explains how any problems will be handled. For example, it explains how fast the MSP’s response times are and how soon you are alerted to any issues.
  • Termination conditions – this section explains the conditions that would need to arise for the contract to be terminated. It includes conditions for willful termination and conditions for termination due to breach of contract.
  • Performance standards – this section explains the metrics used to measure service levels, as well as how those metrics are used and collected.

Hybrid cloud and cloud migration support

Many companies are moving to using hybrid resources, (a combination of on-premises and cloud-based resources). A good managed service provider will be able to support any situation.

Experience with distributed management

An experienced managed service provider should offer remote control services that can meet the needs of a variety of distributed resources, devices, and infrastructures. This should include services across different geographic locations in addition to remote and mobile operations. This is especially important for companies that rely on remote workers. The MSP you choose should be able to manage your technology solutions and devices without potentially exposing your systems to outside attackers.

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