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Meet and deliver against evolving consumer expectations and optimally drive customer service, brand loyalty and competitive advantage with enVista’s consulting, technology, managed services and automation solutions.

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In today’s dynamic retail environment, it’s vital for retailers to meet and deliver against evolving customer expectations to strengthen brand loyalty and drive competitive advantage. enVista’s consulting, technology, managed services and automation solutions optimize your network, inventory, operations and customer service – ultimately growing sales, improving margins and increasing profitability.

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Improving Efficiency and Scalability With New Warehouse Management System (WMS) Implementation

  • Needed to replace its existing 28-year old WMS with a modern and more suitable WMS that would meet its current and future customer and business objectives
  • Implemented Körber Supply Chain’s Warehouse Advantage WMS leveraging its unique and proven enABLE methodology and provided dedicated IT resources post-implementation
  • Improved picking and inventory accuracy and visibility and noticeable order improvements and enhanced standardization for greater scalability

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How enVista Drives Success Across Retail Organizations

Demand Planning and Management

To meet omnichannel customer service requirements and sales targets, you need to be able to consistently offer the right product, at the right place and channel, at the right time and price. Optimal demand planning and forecasting tools are critical to this process. However, understanding demand variability and what shapes demand is critical prior to selecting a demand planning and forecasting solution.

enVista’s experienced retail practice helps companies review historical demand patterns by SKU, seasonality, promotion, physical location and channel. The resulting demand plan forecasts the correct amount of stock required to meet fluctuating demand, taking into consideration key variables such as safety stock, service levels and dynamically changing promotions or stocking strategies.

Product Flow and Inventory Optimization

Proper inventory management will allow you to keep the correct amount of stock on hand and reduce the minimum amount of stock required to maintain optimal service levels for your customers.

enVista’s inventory optimization process involves accurately allocating your inventory across your supply chain channels, evaluating your supply and demand volatility to determine optimal safety stock levels to reduce overall inventory levels, reduce capital holding costs and maintain or improve service levels to your customer.

Store Operations

Today, we can deliver targeted, cost-effective process improvement at the store level, the very heart of retail, where customers come face-to-face with sales personnel and merchandise. Like our proven strategies for distribution centers, our experts develop cost-saving, time-saving, satisfaction-enhancing solutions for store operations, thanks to the combination of our data-driven supply chain tools and our experienced talent in front-line retail operations.

Retail Labor Standards Database

Direct labor is most often one of the largest expenses incurred in both warehouse and retail operations. enVista helps clients minimize these costs through its M3 labor optimization methodology which focuses on methods, metrics and motivation.

This Lean process improvement team approach emphasizes the deployment of distribution and store operations best practices through operations improvements, labor forecasting and scheduling, productivity tracking, engineered labor standards and payroll incentives. We provide solutions necessary to measure each store and warehouse activity, ensuring your workforce is performing at its full potential.

enVista’s implementation of preferred work methods, in conjunction with a comprehensive change management training program, and accurate productivity goals based on industrial engineering principles form the foundation of a labor management program that helps companies achieve increased performance and profitability.

Workforce Management/Development

Using proven, Lean Six Sigma tools along with workforce development and training, we work alongside your employees and subject matter experts. We use a collaborative, problem-solving approach to identify real opportunities and develop workable solutions. Then we test those solutions, scale them and implement.

Because your employees are involved at every step, the solutions are tailor-made to effectively free up once-wasted time, money or space. That converts once-wasted resources to cash, time or space, so you can reallocate them in the best way to maximize customer service, profitability and growth both in your stores and distribution centers alike.

Operational Assessment

enVista’s supply chain solutions practice provides a unique perspective on your supply chain execution performance through an operations and technology performance assessment. Our expert consultants can assess and quickly benchmark your operations against best in class performers. We have the experience and objectivity to spot quick hit tactical changes that deliver immediate productivity increases. Our consultants will not do this from afar. They will go into your facilities themselves to examine them and make their recommendations.

Parcel Audit

enVista’s small package invoice audit captures package level shipment information and ensures invoices are billed to your agreement and that invalid accessorial charges and late shipments are credited through the use of proprietary parcel audit tools and our service center.

Strategic Carrier Sourcing

In today’s complex rating environment, shippers need valid, flexible, forward-looking analytics to drive decision making. With enVista’s strategic carrier sourcing, we will optimize your transportation spend across modes and geographies. enVista analyzes every step of the carrier sourcing process by establishing baseline cost models using your carrier data, evaluating and incorporating operational requirements, and establishing cost targets for all material cost drivers based on optimized service standards. Having the right information paired with granular analytics creates a stable foundation from which to negotiate.

AcceleRATE Rating Engine

As transportation and logistics professionals look to manage an increasingly complex environment with ample shipping options and fluctuating rates, there is a great need for a single system to quickly determine the most appropriate method of shipping, no matter what is being shipped or where it is going. The ability to input shipment details and to have actual rates returned across modes, carriers and agreements is critical for both large and small companies looking for an edge in a capacity-strained market.

System Selection and Evaluation

Selecting the best technology solutions for your organization can be a complicated and even risky endeavor. We take the guesswork, anxiety and subjectivity out of the process by offering an objective approach to solution selection. This integration allows you to drive waste out of your supply chain. It is important for you to choose a system that not only works for you now, but will work for you in the future as well.

Technology Roadmap

The most important factor in creating a successful supply chain strategy is that the strategy must be actionable. To achieve the desired results, a well thought out Technology Roadmap is key. enVista’s roadmap lays out the steps that need to be taken to help you meet your goals and objectives. To help you reach your goals, enVista’s IT Strategy experts bring a proven four-phase Technology Roadmap process to deliver the results you expect.

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