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Determine and integrate the optimal supply chain solutions, optimize distribution centers (DCs) and improve labor productivity to maximize savings and efficiencies.

Optimizing 3PL Supply Chains



enVista has long been a trusted supply chain advisor to third-party logistics (3PL) providers to help optimize supply chains and respond to varying client requirements and increase client satisfaction and reduce cost to serveWith deep supply chain expertise across many industries, enVista’s teams of supply chain and enterprise technology consultants are exceptionally experienced in helping 3PLs develop long-term strategies for competitive advantage.
enVista helps 3PL leaders optimize their supply chains and enhance customer service while improving margins across strategy, automation, technology and operations. Our clients entrust us with enhancing their operations through our partnerships.


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Increasing Operational Efficiencies Through Near Real-Time Reporting for MWCold

  • Enabled a greater understanding of team member productivity, warehouse occupancy, truck turn times and warehouse activity by customer, as well as client profitability daily
  • Power BI reporting produced operational metrics that can be easily printed or shared through email as Adobe PDF files, which include warehouse occupancy information, truck turn times, carrier summaries, warehouse activity per customer, team member productivity and team member leaderboards
  • Financial Insights enabled insight into costs, revenue, and profitability for storage handling for each customer
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3PL Insights

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Increase ROI Through Successful Warehouse Slotting

A well-thought-out slotting strategy also enables businesses to minimize wasted space and maximize storage capacity within the warehouse. Increase ROI using the right tools, strategy and management plan with successful warehouse slotting.


The Cost-Saving Power of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chains

There are endless tactical opportunities for leveraging AI in your supply chain operations to increase efficiency, profitability and customer service levels. Beginning your AI journey within the areas of the supply chain that are costing your organization the most – network design, inventory and warehousing – will multiply your cost savings.

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End-to-End Capabilities for 3PL Providers

  • Assessment and Solution Design – During a transportation assessment and solution design, we deliver a business case for change based on understanding and analyzing a client’s transportation improvement opportunities, estimating the value and cost of improvements and developing an ROI. To deliver value to your business, you need tight alignment between your business requirements, operational processes, transportation systems and integration capabilities.
  • Facility Site Selection, Design and Build – We help determine the optimal location and design for your warehouse or distribution center to meet long-term business requirements. We also design new facilities and serve as general contractors to reduce costs and internal requirements.
  • Warehouse Services Support Leverage best practices for receiving, put-away, inventory management, order processing, slotting, picking and shipping.
  • Data Visibility, Analytics and Reporting – Meet or exceed client expectations for SLA compliance reporting, cost to serve reporting, regulatory standards compliance and real-time order visibility and tracking.
  • One Facility for Multiple Clients – Manage your business complexity and enhance customer service to clients within various industries. Our team will analyze and optimize your operations and facility to meet your client needs and improve efficiencies.
  • Labor Productivity – Improve labor efficiencies, reduce training requirements and labor costs, and accurately project labor requirements by client/project to ensure profitability. Our workforce management team develops programs that include: engineered labor standards, selecting and implementing labor management systems (LMS), and developing incentive-based pay, training and charge management programs.
  • Systems Selection and Implementation – Determine the best systems to meet your requirements and implement at least-cost and time-to-value, and without disrupting business. We help 3PLs evaluate and implement Tier 1 and Tier 2 supply chain planning and execution solutions (warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, labor management systems, and warehouse control and execution systems), unified commerce retailing solutions and Microsoft Business Solutions. With a proven implementation methodology, enVista conducts requirements definition, application consulting, testing, data conversion, training, ROI analysis and overall project management tasks required for a successful implementation at a low total cost of ownership.
  • Strategic Carrier Sourcing – Leverage your data and systems capabilities to achieve optimal carrier pricing. Normalize the data; document and communicate the requirements; structure information to accommodate the carrier needs, and hold everyone accountable to a realistic project schedule. Define the system capabilities related to contracts and document a carrier’s specific integration requirements in order to effectively negotiate contracts. enVista’s experts consistently deliver savings in every transportation mode and from shipper to shipper with average cost savings of 8-10 percent.
  • Business Intelligence – Our executive dashboards will enable real-time decision-making. You will gain visibility and insight which will allow you to create efficiencies and reduce shipping costs. These dashboards will support budgeting and predictive cost-modeling efforts.
  • Optimized Network Strategy – Leverage our supply chain network consultants and modeling tools to help your customers model their network, capitalizing on your distribution network.
  • IT Infrastructure Support – Optimize wired infrastructure to support wireless supply chain execution systems and hardware. Design and install the infrastructure to maximize data collection, shorten project timelines and cut costs.
  • IT Roadmaps – Identify a long-term strategy for implementing systems and IT infrastructure.

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