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enVista’s consulting solutions across your end-to-end omnichannel commerce and supply chain operations accelerate and maximize your target business outcomes.

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With 20 years of unmatched domain expertise and innovative solutions, enVista helps businesses power long-term strategies for success and growth. Our consulting solutions enhance customer service, drive profitability, optimize commerce and drive supply chain efficiencies.

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Deep Domain Expertise and 20 Years of Experience for Unparalleled Service

enVista’s expansive breadth and depth of expertise and solutions span all of your requirements across physical and digital commerce. Our consulting services focus on your most critical challenges and opportunities: supply chain, retail, distribution & warehousing, transportation, digital business transformation, software selection & implementation, BI & analytics, sustainability, change management & training, and program & project management. Utilizing a Consult-Implement-Operate (CIO) Model, enVista consults with our clients’ teams to understand their business goals and to analyze their operations, from suppliers to consumer. enVista then implement solutions, integrating them to specifically address their unique requirements. And, as it makes strategic sense, we will also operate those solutions on their behalf.

Reducing Transit Times and Securing Nearly 10% Cost Savings for Global Dental Supply and Manufacturing Company

  • Leveraged market intelligence, reliable analytics and strategic scenario to address two conflicting business objectives – low transit times and high cost savings
  • Determined that the company had the opportunity for 7.8-8.9% cost savings, even with the involved transit constraints
  • Helped company retain its incumbent carrier, avoiding a costly carrier conversion process and technology implementation, while also realizing 9.7% cost savings
  • Enabled a quick execution and accelerated realized savings due to enVista’s history of working with the dental manufacturer increased awareness and sensitivity to transit issues

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Increase ROI Through Successful Warehouse Slotting

A well-thought-out slotting strategy also enables businesses to minimize wasted space and maximize storage capacity within the warehouse. Increase ROI using the right tools, strategy and management plan with successful warehouse slotting.


The Cost-Saving Power of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chains

There are endless tactical opportunities for leveraging AI in your supply chain operations to increase efficiency, profitability and customer service levels. Beginning your AI journey within the areas of the supply chain that are costing your organization the most – network design, inventory and warehousing – will multiply your cost savings.

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