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Drive greater profits, customer service and competitive advantage with enVista’s deep domain expertise and end-to-end supply chain and omnichannel and solutions.

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Food and beverage supply chains are complex with unique challenges ranging from multi-climate distribution center requirement, food safety compliance, labelling and tracking standards, a proliferation of stock keeping units and omnichannel complexity. With the growing prominence of third-party and contactless food delivery, food and beverage supply chains have increasing customer expectations to meet.

enVista’s technology, automation solutions and deep domain expertise help the world’s leading food and beverage companies improve inventory visibility, enable direct to consumer strategies and optimize networks and operations to deliver long-term business results.

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Castellini Implements Best-in-Breed Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Greater Flexibility

  • Worked in conjunction with Blue Yonder to create a seamless integration from fresh produce distributor’s existing WMS
  • Accomplished implementation 90% remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, ensuring a successful implementation despite the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic and subsequently, peak season
  • Provided extensive training throughout the entirety of the project to ensure the company was able to be self-sufficient post-implementation

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