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Private Equity Consulting

Drive your organizational growth with enVista’s private equity consulting services and unlock hidden value in your investments to exceed shareholder expectations.

Drive Cost Savings and Improve EBITDA with Private Equity Consulting

Private equity firms face diverse challenges while navigating portfolio companies pre- and post-acquisition. As a truly integrated supply chain and commerce, consulting and technology provider, enVista is uniquely positioned to address the holistic needs of private equity firms across their investment portfolios across a wide variety of industries. enVista’s comprehensive solution delivers flexibility and ensures deep industry understanding to drive cost savings and improve EBITDA.

Private Equity Consulting Insights


The Cost-Saving Power of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chains

There are endless tactical opportunities for leveraging AI in your supply chain operations to increase efficiency, profitability and customer service levels. Beginning your AI journey within the areas of the supply chain that are costing your organization the most – network design, inventory and warehousing – will multiply your cost savings.

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10 Prerequisites for ERP Success

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems play an important role in streamlining processes, optimizing resources and enhancing efficiency. Learn 10 key prerequisites essential for achieving ERP success within an organization.

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How enVista Drives Success with Private Equity Consulting


Evaluate a target acquisition by assessing the target’s value in supply chain and IT areas – other areas of our assessment model includes people and organizational design and performance management.

Systems & Processes Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive end-to-end review of your supply chain from both a systems and processes perspective to identify and evaluate all areas of opportunity.


Develop a roadmap to implement the necessary changes efficiently, driving business value and reducing cost.

Cost Reductions

Reduce supply chain operating costs with emphasis on focused, tactical and quick improvements.

S&OP Process

Assess, design, train and implement a world-class S&OP process and have you up and running and achieving results within four months to mitigate lost sales and/or excess inventory, ultimately impacting your EBITDA and other key financial metrics.

Supply Chain & Technology Evaluation

Evaluate your supply chain and current technology to identify gaps and opportunities, as well as optimize existing technology, identify and deploy new technology that is right for your private equity (PE) business, and implement business processes to maximize these new technological capabilities.

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