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Streamline your supply chain with transformation management.

enVista’s transformation management team uses proven methodology that integrates both project execution and a people driven change management approach that allows for organizational transformation – not just completed projects.

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Leverage enVista's transformation management team to drive change initiatives.

Transformation Management is vital for the modernization of your enterprise supply chain and to keep its innerworkings activated, productive and continuously improving. Our transformational change expertise provides comprehensive and sequenced project execution that includes both industry best practices and subject matter experts at your disposal.

Proven Methodology

We help to produce a return on investment in a short period of time, leveraging our best practices and subject matter expertise – all at your disposal.

Easy Integration

Our organizational change team works to enable project and change management that creates organizational ownership and leads to a culture adapted for change.

Reduced Total Budget

Our change and transformation management expertise provides comprehensive project execution including both industry best practices and subject matter experts at your disposal, enabling us to provide realistic budgets for each step of your transformation.

Faster Execution

enVista’s effective change managers leverage sequencing for each step of your transformation and individual projects, as well as a team to help mitigate the inevitable risks that arise for faster execution.

Standardized Approach

We help you and your employees seamlessly transition from the current state to a desired future state, with a proven organizational development approach.

Sustainable Change Acceptance

We will not only deliver your transformation on time and within budget, but we will identify change agents within your company to implement sustained change.

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Plan, prepare and execute supply chain transformation with transformation management consulting.

Supply chain teams must understand why an organizational change initiative is important to the business, what needs to be done to enable the transformation and how to organize execution against the initiative. Managing change can be difficult at an organizational level, but enVista streamlines the process, making business transformation easier for change leaders and employees alike.

Our organizational change and transformation management services will enable:

  • Expertise to execute a transformation from a siloed organization to one that contributes to overall transformation profit and customer loyalty
  • A unified, efficient team which aligns across the enterprise
  • An understanding of your current gaps and how to effectively close those gaps while driving continuous process improvements

enVista will help you answer the question of why it’s important to take action to change and start moving your supply chain in a different direction. Part of the process will be to assess your current activities to understand which of those need to stop or continue, and which potential new transformation strategies should start in order to best enable your team to pursue a transformation and change strategy. Utilizing Transformation Planning helps align supply chain goals and KPIs with your organization’s future state requirements as well as plan those process changes with focus and in a building block fashion.

enVista’s proprietary process draws information and ideas from your leadership team prior to a two-day transformation planning event.

enVista will summarize and categorize your team’s feedback to prepare and focus discussions and the decision-making process. Our seasoned supply chain executives will facilitate your change initiatives planning event and will draw out additional ideas and challenge paradigms that may be holding your team back from achieving the full potential. Our strategic change and transformation solution package will result in a full plan of accountability with focused initiatives and a well-crafted communication plan to your organization. At enVista, we take the frustration out of successfully executing change efforts across your organization. 

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