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Gain operational scale with robotics integration.

Determining the right robotics application for your organization significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and time to value and delivers significant efficiency and reductions in labor dependencies.

Robotic assembly arm helps with industrial robotic integration.

Drive significant distribution efficiencies with robotics integration.

Robotics integration uses robotics to improve your manufacturing, material handling, shipping, or inspection lines. Robotics system integrators analyze the lines and install automation technology where it will be most effective.

Robotic automation systems offer an important opportunity to drive significant distribution efficiencies and reduce labor dependencies. There are many benefits of robotics integration, such as improving consistency, accuracy, repeatability and speed-to-market. Robotics integration can decrease production costs, improve cycle times and quality and drive down labor costs. However, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach with robotics systems integration. Operational and process demands must be met along with future production and throughput goals. enVista’s experienced robotics integration team can help.

Robotic Picking

As a systems integrator who specializes in robotics, DC automation and manufacturing automation solutions, we can help design, cost justify, engineer and integrate the right solution – including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and collaborative mobile robots (CMRs) – to meet your requirements.

Robotic Packing

Our engineers have leveraged industrial robots to perform a variety of automated packaging tasks for manufacturers. We specialize in food and beverage packing, using a wide variety of robotics from six-axis robots or delta robots (six-axis parallel link robot arms).

Robotic Palletizing

enVista’s engineers are experts at designing and engineering a wide variety of robotics devices. Palletizing is complicated due to the number of variables: product size, weight and pallet interlocking layers. We have engineered simple case palletizers to very complicated multi-robots palletizing bags. Our design and build team is ready to create robotic technologies, including collaborative robots, that optimize your organization’s work flow.

Robotic Simulation

Our engineering and software teams leverage simulation software to validate the speeds, feeds and desired operational capacity and throughput of the system vs. theoretical. Our engineers have unparalleled experience creating simulations for large distribution centers and manufacturing production lines.  

Proof of Concept

Integrating robots and implementing a robotic automation system can be challenging. Before making a multi-million-dollar investment with multiple robots, enVista will develop a proof of concept of the complete system within our 15,000 square foot engineering lab, testing the mechanical design and software and providing data sheets.

Robotics Lab

Our leading robotics system integrators and engineers prove the value and application of robotics and prototypes, developing robust, custom automation solutions for clients in our state-of-the-art robotics lab and testing facility in Chicago. Our robotics integration team has the capabilities to design custom testing environments to handle your target products and conduct real-world testing, proving that the robotics solution will accomplish the task at hand. Our team of authorized system integrators can help you achieve your next automated material handling goal in a timely manner.

Robotics by the Numbers

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Industrial Robotics vs. Collaborative Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotic machines are designed to perform repetitive actions in industrial settings. These machines are generally accurate, simple-to-automate and scalable due to modern advancements in robotics systems. These robotics systems include automated guided vehicles, multi-axis robotic arms, automated cells and conveyance. These robotic machines are simple to reprogram based on product changes, inventory needs, etc. Industrial robots are widely used, and common applications include assembly, palletizing, material handling, dispensing, painting, material removal, inspecting & testing, material cutting and cleaning.

Collaborative Robotics

Collaborative robots are designed to be able to operate around human workers. These systems can be much more challenging to work with than industrial robotic systems. They require additional considerations for safety and ergonomics to avoid human injuries and accidents. Working with experienced robotics integrators to develop an integration plan is advised for companies wishing to implement this exciting new technology.

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