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Partner with the team optimizing leading manufacturers’ networks, inventory, operations and customer service.

Increase Operational Efficiency and Supply Chain Resiliency

As your business grows and the global manufacturing industry evolves, enVista’s innovative software, consulting, automation and managed services solutions help address manufacturers’ biggest challenges. Our manufacturing consultants have 20 years of experience helping leading manufacturers create greater operational efficiencies, increase supply chain resilience, drive out supply chain waste and optimize omnichannel profitability.

Our manufacturing experts can help your organization navigate the complex considerations of your D2C capability design to ensure customer satisfaction and the ability to remain competitive in this digital age. We understand which business models work best in different situations, and we help you get it right the first time.

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Implementing a Global Network Redesign to Address Diverse Requirements for Briggs & Stratton

  • Recognized a total supply chain cost reduction greater than 15%
  • Increased service level improvements by 14%
  • Reduced warehouse costs by 6%

Manufacturing Insights

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How enVista Helps Manufacturers Across Industries

Workforce Management and Development

Using proven Lean Six Sigma tools along with education and training, we work alongside your employees and subject matter experts. Our manufacturing consulting services team uses a collaborative, problem-solving approach to identify real opportunities and develop workable solutions. Then we test those solutions, scale them and implement them.

Because your employees are involved at every step, the solutions are tailor-made to effectively free up once-wasted time, money or space, so you can reallocate them in the best way to maximize customer service and profitability.

Operational Assessment

enVista’s Supply Chain Solutions practice provides a unique perspective on your supply chain execution performance through an Operations and Technology Performance Assessment. Our expert consultants can assess and quickly benchmark your operations against best in class performers. We have the experience and objectivity to spot quick hit tactical changes that deliver immediate productivity increases. Our consultants will not do this from afar. They will go into your facilities themselves to examine them and make their recommendations.

Lean Six Sigma Training

Today’s hyper-competitive environment requires a transformation in thinking throughout your organization. Lean Six Sigma principles are a proven method to enhance your competitiveness while removing unnecessary costs. Lean Six Sigma training is an investment in your valuable employees to better equip them to recognize the waste and variation that adds cost to your operation and prevents optimal service to your customers. These principles provide employees the ability to recognize inefficiencies that otherwise go hidden and lead to margin erosion.

MHE Consulting

Your company’s operations and the technology around them are constantly changing. Our material handling and equipment consulting experts can help you choose from a variety of MHE systems that are flexible and scalable to address those changes.

Material Flow Analysis

With enVista’s material flow analysis (MFA), your company will be able to design and implement improved distribution and manufacturing operations, processes and information systems that can reduce operating costs, improve customer service and ultimately improve profitability.

Analysis and Solution Design

If your company is experiencing problems with unnecessarily high transportation spend, or if you sense an opportunity related to your transportation spend, enVista’s transportation analysis and solution design experts can make a huge difference in your business. Our consultants will analyze your problem or opportunity and give you a plan of action for how to deal with it.

Business Intelligence

Companies frequently confess that they are data-rich but information-poor. In an era where companies have access to endless amounts of data via carrier invoice feeds and transportation systems, the universal challenge is integrating all the disparate data sources and transforming the results into dashboards that allow for agile decision-making. Selecting the right BI partner is critical to bridging this gap.


Supply chains are designed around physical operations, and all too often, the transportation operation takes a backseat to other initiatives. Due to that, processes are outdated, systems are a version behind (or do not exist), and costs grow out of line. Our team of transportation strategy consulting experts can help you overcome these challenges. During a transportation strategy engagement, we help shippers and logistics service providers define the go-forward strategy and develop solution options for the future state.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (ERP)

In today’s fast moving and complex environment, your company needs to have real-time visibility into your operations in a single location. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations can provide that and more, and our team of experts can help you seamlessly implement Dynamics as an ERP platform.

Microsoft Suite

enVista offers capabilities to implement and support a full range of Microsoft business solutions. By partnering with enVista, Microsoft business users benefit from having a single partner that can address all implementation and support needs across the Microsoft platform. Our team can help you with the design and development, implementation and support of the Microsoft 365 suite and provide custom Dynamics 365 enhancements.

Systems Evaluation and Selection

Selecting the best technology solutions for your organization can be a complicated and even risky endeavor. We take the guesswork, anxiety and subjectivity out of the process by offering an objective approach to solution selection. This integration allows you to drive waste out of your supply chain. It is important for you to choose a system that not only works for you now but will work for you in the future as well.

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