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Distribution Consulting

Optimize your people, processes, facilities, inventory and technology to maximize results and customer service with distribution consulting.

Maximizing Distribution Operations For Peak Performance with Distribution Consulting

The distribution environment continues to evolve rapidly as consumer expectations around visibility and compressed fulfillment times increases, labor capacity constraints tighten and lines blur between distributors, manufacturers and retailers. This market shift requires optimized inventory and supply chain networks to reduce volatility, improve resilience, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Many distributors are exploring new opportunities to remain competitive, including omnichannel strategies to address changing market opportunities and automation in response to a tightening labor market. enVista’s distribution consulting team helps leading distributors attain a competitive advantage across strategy, automation, technology and operations.

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Overcoming Major Space Contraints by Integrating WMS and LMS Systems for Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc.

  • Led the effort to integrate its new WMS and LMS systems into its current working model in order to overcome major space constraints
  • Implemented a two-phase implementation approach which improved the company’s labor force, employee accountability, case picking and inventory accuracy
  • These improvements continue to grow as the client continues to implement new processes and procedures around the new systems

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Distribution Consulting Insights

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How Our Distribution Consulting Team Helps Distributors

Network Strategy and Channel Fulfillment

With the right supply chain network strategy in place, you will be able to understand how your supply chain relates to your overall business strategy. You will be able to more easily integrate supply chain initiatives which drive operational excellence. Our distribution consulting team will help you determine the optimal strategy for executing in your supply chain based on service level, product mix and customer mix.

Labor Standards Database

Today’s supply chain leaders require real-time visibility to labor performance metrics to ensure productivity and profitability targets are attained in today’s omnichannel environment. enVista’s implementation of preferred work methods, comprehensive change management training program and accurate productivity goals based on industrial engineering principles form the foundation of a labor management program – helping companies achieve increased performance and profitability.

Labor Value Assessment

enVista workforce assessments identify and quantify improvement opportunities and eliminate waste based on eVal deliverables, including: benchmarks against best in class supply chain labor management programs, process observations in distribution centers and supply chain inbound and outbound processes, Lean assessment of value add vs. non-value add, and return on investment model for implementation of a supply chain labor management program.

Workforce Management and Development

Using proven, Lean Six Sigma tools along with education and training, we work alongside your employees and subject matter experts. We use a collaborative, problem-solving approach to identify real opportunities and develop workable solutions. We then test those solutions, scale them and implement.

Because your employees are involved at every step, the solutions are tailor-made to effectively free up once-wasted time, money or space. That converts once-wasted resources to cash, time or space, so you can reallocate them in the best way to maximize customer service and profitability.

Operational Assessment

enVista’s supply chain solutions practice provides a unique perspective on your supply chain execution performance through an operations and technology performance assessment. Our expert consultants can assess and quickly benchmark your operations against best-in-class performers. We have the experience and objectivity to spot quick hit tactical changes that deliver immediate productivity increases.

Transformation Planning

enVista’s transformation planning service will help you answer the question of why it is important to take action to change and start moving your supply chain in a different direction. Part of the process will be to assess your current activities to understand which of those need to stop or continue, and which potential new activities should start in order to best enable your team to pursue transformation strategy. Utilizing transformation planning helps align supply chain goals and KPIs with your organization’s future state requirements, as well as plan those initiatives with focus and in a building block fashion.

DC Optimization

Distributors are dealing with a rising number of SKUs and demanding customers, so they must search for meaningful ways to increase productivity in their distribution process. Distribution center optimization helps lower costs and maximize flexibility to meet evolving omnichannel requirements. This process will help you make the best financial decisions between lower capital investment solutions versus automated solutions that may require more capital but require less ongoing labor than the manual alternatives.

Lean Six Sigma Training

Today’s hyper-competitive environment requires a transformation in thinking throughout your organization. Lean Six Sigma principles are a proven method to enhance your competitiveness while removing unnecessary costs. Lean Six Sigma training is an investment in your valuable employees to better equip them to recognize the waste and variation that adds cost to your operation and prevents optimal service to your customers. These principles provide employees the ability to recognize inefficiencies that otherwise go hidden and lead to margin erosion.

MHE Consulting

Your company’s operations and the technology around them are constantly changing. Our material handling and equipment consulting experts can help you choose from a variety of MHE systems that are flexible and scalable to address those changes.

Material Flow Analysis

With enVista’s material flow analysis (MFA), your company will be able to design and implement improved distribution and manufacturing operations, processes and information systems that can reduce operating costs, improve customer service and ultimately improve profitability.

Facility Design

By partnering with enVista, you will have a supply chain partner who can clearly translate business requirements and strategy into a robust facility design solution that meets the needs of today, as well as the future. We will ensure your distribution center design drives out costs through productivity enhancements, optimizes the use of critical warehousing space and enables operational flexibility to adapt to changing volumes and requirements.

Systems Evaluation, Selection

Selecting the best technology solutions for your organization can be a complicated and even risky endeavor. We take the guesswork, anxiety and subjectivity out of the process by offering an objective approach to solution selection. This integration allows you to drive waste out of your supply chain. It is important for you to choose a system that not only works for you now, but will work for you in the future.

Warehouse Technology

We provide the enabling technology necessary to support your operations and supply chain systems within the four walls of your warehouse. enVista’s experienced team of supply chain systems experts and technology consultants have a deep understanding of the infrastructure required for your supply chain systems to function most effectively within the warehouse. Our team will provide you with the reliable wired and wireless infrastructure and industrial products needed to run your supply chain operations.

IT Roadmap

Technology is a critical component of any supply chain network. For a supply chain strategy to be most achievable and effective, a well-designed technology roadmap is key, and enVista recognizes this relationship. We have assisted many clients in evaluating their current environment, determining the right technology direction and defining the best way to reach their goal.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (ERP)

In today’s fast moving and complex environment, your company needs to have real-time visibility into your operations in a single location. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations can provide that and more, and our team of experts can help you seamlessly implement Dynamics as an ERP platform.

Hardware/Software Procurement

enVista has partnered with major manufacturers of technology hardware and software equipment to provide the best-of-breed equipment clients need – from servers to RF terminals to storage area networks. We provide maximum value to clients by spending significant time and effort researching and selecting hardware and software equipment


After you have selected a WMS, enVista helps you identify and address your business needs and requirements and then develop an effective implementation plan. Through our experience with many WMS, we have the detailed knowledge to streamline and optimize your WMS implementations seamlessly.


enVista consultants work with you on all aspects of your LMS implementation, including business process validation (or the development of new business processes), project direction, software rollout, configuration, testing and training. Our team will utilize their experience from more than 200 prior labor management projects.

Strategic Carrier Sourcing

In today’s complex rating environment, shippers need valid, flexible, forward-looking analytics to drive decision making. Surveys show that market intelligence and benchmarking is the most valuable asset a shipper can have going into a transportation negotiation project. The visibility and experience enVista has into the transportation markets can make the difference for your company.

TMS Optimization

Shipment management sits as a major expense in the overall supply chain for most companies. A transportation management system (TMS) is used to plan freight movements, do freight rating and shopping across all modes, select the appropriate route and carrier, and manage freight bills and payments. Once you have selected your TMS, our implementation experts can help you integrate it with your business

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