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Drive savings with expert transportation & logistics consulting services.

enVista’s logistics & transportation consulting experts bring unparalleled expertise in designing and implementing transportation solutions, managing transportation operations and analyzing business data.

Transportation & logistics consulting for any transportation challenge.

enVista offers transportation consulting services that drive cost savings to the bottom line while maintaining or improving service. Our logistics & transportation consultants provide quantifiable, actionable deliverables in complex transportation situations.


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Logistics & transportation consulting solutions for a complex and dynamic environment.

Shippers are facing unprecedented challenges managing transportation operations across every mode in today’s market from lack of carrier capacity to rate pressure to internal resource constraints. enVista’s expert transportation consultants help make sense out of the chaotic transportation environment.

Proven experience. Maximum results.

Global Retailer: TMS Implementation Results in 15 Percent Freight Spend Savings

  • Implemented a web-portal based TMS to increase visibility, lower and control freight spend, improve execution and allocate costs
  • Trained employees, vendors and carriers on the TMS functionality using web meetings, videos, user guides and on-site training
  • Improved visibility to routing, transit details, carrier pick-up and delivery performance, and also helped allocate transportation cost to the SKU level
  • Supported 100 percent year-over-year sales growth while decreasing internal resource requirements

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Challenges in the Transportation & Logistics Industry

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 global pandemic placed an unprecedented amount of stress on the already challenging freight and logistics industry. Many people began to realize just how important these industries are to modern living and conveniences. Even before the pandemic, the logistics and transportation industry was already looking for new strategies to deal with changing fuel prices, sustainability issues, new regulations, tough competition and ever-increasing labor shortages. These issues were only exacerbated by the pandemic, creating an industry landscape not for the faint of heart.  

How enVista Delivers Value

enVista understands how challenging today’s transportation and logistics landscape can be, even for established companies. We have extensive experience in this industry from all angles. We have worked with companies across many different sub-sectors, including 3PL, containerized freight and bulk freight, inform logistics, distribution, postal and parcel services. Our breadth of knowledge and experience allows us to examine every facet of a company’s operations to find transportation strategies to drive profits and growth.

We create strategies that help our clients with:

Adapting to Market Dynamics

To succeed in in the transportation industry, it is imperative to understand new trends in tariffs, trade and protectionism. We help clients anticipate and ultimately adapt to these trends.

Creating Happy Customers

We help our clients create multichannel strategies to create customer satisfaction at every step of the customer journey.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology

We help our clients digitize and optimize their companies with the most effective technology and analytics solutions.

Embracing Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies

We help our clients understand and adapt to any new green regulations, making sure they meet industry standards and meet the rising demand for more environmentally friendly transportation services.

Expanding Into New Markets

We help our clients create bullet-proof strategies to break into new local and international markets.

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