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FAQs on Capacity Solutions

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We recently sat down with enVista’s Michael Wanecke and asked him to share some of the most frequently asked questions he and his team receive about Capacity Solutions. Those questions are presented below, as are Michael’s insightful answers.

Q: How did Capacity Solutions get started?

A: enVista started offering transaction brokerage several years ago.

I moved over from a managed operations client, in order to satisfy a need identified by our customer’s vendors, and small to mid-size shippers that heard the enVista name because of the great work we do in the freight management arena.

Q: How does the managed transportation services background make
     Capacity Solutions different from other brokerage firms?

A: We bring all the attributes that large shippers require to small
     and mid-size shippers.

enVista manages the transportation operation for several Fortune 500 customers that demand the highest level of service, efficient processes for planning, optimization and execution, robust technology platforms for visibility, and reliability and responsiveness to handle high volume freight customers, vendors, and carriers. Capacity Solutions was cut from the same cloth.  

Q: What else is different about Capacity Solutions?

A: From the beginning we set out to break the brokerage mold and
     change the game.

Brokers get a bad name because they overpromise, make decisions based on their margins, and treat carriers with disrespect. That’s not the case at enVista. We have the best interest of our clients, carriers, and associates in mind. We do the right thing for the right reasons, and bring honesty and integrity to everything we do.

Q: Why do carriers enjoy working with Capacity Solutions so much?

A: We develop partnerships with our carriers, rather than
     one-sided relationships.

We are very loyal. We select our carriers based on their industry scores, reputation, and service levels, but most importantly how well they fit within the enVista culture. Once vetted, our carriers become part of the family and we go to great lengths to keep them happy. As a result they are willing to go the extra mile with us.

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