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Modernize Your Warehouse

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The following blog was written by ScanSource in partnership with enVista.

Optimize Warehouse Efficiencies with Modern Technology

Some people see this title, “Modernizing Your Warehouse,” and their eyebrows furrow and their shoulders get tense in anticipation of the potential overhaul and confusion that occasionally accompanies massive changes in the name of modernization. If you are one of those people, please, let us put your mind at ease. Here’s what we are NOT going to talk about in this entry. We are not going to talk about adding drones to stock and pick your shelves. Nor are we going to talk about untested warehouse technology that “might” be beneficial someday. We’re not going to talk about overhauling your processes or procedures. In fact, we’re only going to show how you can enhance your current processes by simply updating your outdated mobility solutions with Zebra’s modern Android warehouse devices.

It’s time. Not only have Windows® devices reached end-of-life status and will no longer be supported, but running outdated green-screen applications also won’t empower your workers to the extent necessary — they simply were not designed to match the speed and volume of today’s on-demand economy. And that’s just the start of it. Exponential growth in e-commerce, higher consumer expectations of product availability, delivery speed, and intensifying competition for labor are fundamentally changing warehouse operations. 

Upgrade to Zebra’s Modern Android Warehouse Devices

Today’s Zebra Android touch-screen devices are designed for faster, more flexible operation and come in a wide range of rugged form factors, from handhelds and wearables to tablets and vehicle mounts. From the first moment you begin running your integrated Zebra Android solution, you’ll realize a number of improvements including:

Faster Data Entry

Faster scanning and data entry means you can optimize workflows for the efficiency that an on-demand economy requires. Your workers can enter data 40% faster due to the intuitive Android touchscreen user interface. And you can further boost efficiency thanks to the ability to capture multiple barcodes and data at once with a single scan.

Faster Turnaround for Customers

Devices that combine scanning efficiency with touchscreen accuracy and ease of use enable workers to validate data in real time and instantly locate the right items to fulfill orders. And with features such as fast charging and hot-swap battery capability, Zebra offers solutions that minimize device downtime and keep your frontline workers productive. 

Greater Employee Satisfaction

Zebra Android’s familiar, intuitive touchscreen interface cuts training time and frustration for both permanent and temporary workers, giving them the confidence to work fast. 

Higher Fulfillment Accuracy

Empowered with the flexibility to easily add soft buttons, on-screen keypads, and photos of products to Android’s larger touch displays, workers can reliably capture 1D and 2D barcode data faster, from near and far distances.

If It Ain’t Broke…

We’ve all heard this line time and time again. It’s the classic argument against modernizing, well, anything. If the old way is working, why mess with it? Well, in the case of warehouse mobility solutions, the simple fact is that the old way ain’t working. At least not as well as it once did or how it should be for today’s needs. The fact is, the old way is slowing you down and costing you money due to lower productivity, slower speeds, and employee frustration. Not to mention that there’s a greater chance of breakdown and complete stoppage with no support available in your time of need. It’s time to negate these pitfalls and migrate to a Zebra Android solution to optimize your warehouse operations. Let’s take a look at why.

Zebra’s Android Solutions for Warehouse

As the world’s most popular operating system, Android is familiar and easy to understand. That’s why workers take to Zebra products so readily and training is streamlined. With an eye toward future development and improvements, Zebra offers one of the largest ranges of enterprise-optimized Android devices in the industry, purpose built to maximize business agility, mobility, and productivity. Specifically, for warehouse applications, Zebra delivers benefits for:

Receiving – Quickly and accurately scan inbound shipments

Put Away – Easily scan put away location and package for real-time inventory accuracy

Picking – Features such as multi-modal and voice-directed picking allows workers to be hands-free and complete picking tasks faster

Pack and Shipping – Workers can take accurate inventory of complete shipments leaving the warehouse by scanning a label with multiple barcodes, each corresponding to a separate item in the shipment

enVista Advantage

Realizing that it’s time to upgrade your warehouse mobility solution is just the first step – an important one to be certain – but the first, nonetheless. The next is to begin a conversation with the mobility experts at enVista. We’ll talk about your specific project and how to optimize the greatest organizational value. For a while, we’ll be focused on tailoring solutions to suit your specific needs and optimize your efficiencies. We bring to the table an expertise on the entire supply chain, so we are familiar with how your solution will interact with the supply chain as a whole. Based on your specifics, we can help you modernize your warehouse with a complete mobility solution design along with device lifecycle management plan. Every solution is based on a strategy that begins with a conversation.

Don’t Get Left Behind

The pitfalls of outdated mobility solutions are many and growing. 2020 is the year to modernize your warehouse. It’s a journey, but one well worth taking. And enVista can get you there with Zebra’s Android warehouse solutions. We invite you to learn more by reading the eBook, Warehouse Mobility 101: Modernizing the Warehouse and then contact enVista to begin your journey toward the efficiency, productivity, reliability, and everything else that comes with modernizing your warehouse.

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