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Spartan Sprint Benefitting Outreach


Overcoming Obstacles, Transforming Lives

Last weekend, over a dozen enVista associates participated in the Spartan Sprint, a rigorous 3+ mile obstacle trail race. As part of the event, the enVista participants raised funds for Outreach, an Indianapolis nonprofit organization that equips and empowers at-risk young people to achieve stability and life transformation. enVista matched all donations raised. In this post, enVista associate Sam Simpson shares his experience.

The Spartan Sprint was indeed a test of persistence and pain. There were times when a glass of water and a place to lie down was all I wanted. While the race tested me physically and mentally, the main lesson I took away from the obstacles was the importance of teamwork. There were obstacles that I simply could not have completed without the help from my teammates.

There was a mud hill where I had to climb uphill in mud while crawling under barbwire (the scar on the top of my head is an indication that I need to learn to keep my head down). Since I had almost zero traction in the mud, the only way to get up the hill was for my teammates to push my feet from behind and grab my hands from in front and pull me up. When we weren’t helping each other physically overcome obstacles, we were providing moral support by cheering each other on. This was a great chance for me to meet and work with my teammates across the entire enVista organization.

Gaining Perspective

Fundraising for Outreach was a test of a different nature. In my experience, very few people like to be asked for money and few of us enjoy asking others for it. What helped me push through those feelings to successfully fundraise for Outreach was remembering what it was like to be a teenager; my concerns did not include shelter, food, or clothing.

The fundraising was indeed a success because of all the help I received from the Spartan Team, enVista associates, the executive team, and from enVista leaders, Jim and John. Teamwork won the day again. Together, we were able to accomplish more physically and make more of a financial impact for Outreachthan we could have on our own.

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