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The Scary Facts of Halloween Supply Chain Logistics

Halloween popup store

The importance of supply chains to deliver what is most desired, and to do so in a tight and timely window, has continued to propel the fast growth of Halloween as a retail boon. With the average person spending approximately $77 this year in preparation for the spooky holiday, the importance of delivering candy, costume and pumpkin supplies with little friction has sparked the rise of the $8 billion industry.

Shopping for Halloween is beginning earlier in the year, with 33 percent of celebrators shopping for supplies before October begins. This is why pop-up Halloween suppliers have also begun opening their doors sooner, many as soon as Labor Day weekend.

So how do these pop-ups continue to grow? Months of planning are involved, beginning just as soon as Halloween ends. Finding the right location, securing space and staff and buying stock aren’t just fly by night operations. To earn consumer dollars in the second highest grossing commercial holiday, Halloween retailers must be prepared.

Abandoned Retail Spaces

For Halloween pop-ups to be a success, finding a high traffic area is crucial. Though landlords of empty retail ready space will be happy to fill their storefront for a few months, pop-ups have to keep rent manageable. It’s no wonder that an entire industry has sprouted to help pop-ups find the perfect spot, including realtors who know the best spots in the most popular areas.

Competition will be fiercer this year as available retail space has shrunk and the Halloween pop-up market has grown by 30 percent during the last four years.

Scarcity of Inventory

You aren’t the only one who buys next year’s Halloween costumes and supplies come November 1st. Pop-ups are quick to stock up once the holiday frenzy has passed, collecting an inventory of goods that will be just as in demand and as good come next Halloween. But retailers must also track the newest trends and the latest fads, ensuring that totals are sufficient to meet demand but stock limited enough that retailers aren’t left holding $15,000 worth of out-of-demand Love Guru costumes.

All Hands on Deck

An estimated 800,000 seasonal workers will be in demand this year, many of which get their jump start during the Halloween season. While the pool of available jobs and workers continues to grow, pop-up retailers face the scary proposition of training new staff. And just how many seasonal workers will be needed?  More than ever, successful pop-ups are hiring earlier and investing resources into properly training associates.

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