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Remove the guesswork from supply chain software implementation & selection.

Select supply chain systems that will support company growth, generate efficiencies, reduce labor costs and enable process improvements. enVista makes the supply chain software implementation and selection process simple.

An approach to supply chain software implementation and selection that meets your business requirements.

Selecting the best technology solutions for your organization can be a complicated and risky endeavor. We take the guesswork, anxiety and subjectivity out of the process by offering an objective approach to system selection. enVista’s selection process and intimate familiarity with leading business systems ensure solution investments meet our clients’ long-term business requirements and goals.

Experienced Consultants

enVista completes more than twenty technology evaluations each year. Our consultants know the strengths, weaknesses and functionality of all leading supply chain execution applications on the market.

Vendor Agnostic Approach

Our agnostic, data-driven software vendor evaluation process results in an unbiased technology assessment, ensuring solution investments meet your long-term business, technology and industry requirements at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Proven Methodology

Our unique, three-step methodology is tested and proven. We collaborate with you to closely review and quantify your operations and business goals. We then use our methodology to quickly and cost effectively to evaluate vendors and select the best vendor and system to meet your needs.

We're with you every step of the way.

Requirements Analysis

  • Project Planning
  • Baseline Interviews
  • Document Requirements
  • Develop RFP
  • Develop Demo Scripts

System Evaluation

  • Evaluate RFP Responses
  • Bidder Walk Through
  • Vendor Demo Preparation
  • Vendor Demonstrations
  • Vendor Evaluation Summary

System Selection

  • TCO Analysis
  • Cost Justification
  • Vendor Reference Calls/Visits
  • Implementation Planning
  • Vendor Negotiations

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Supply Chain Software Selection and Implementation FAQs

Supply chain management software, or (SCMS), refers to any software applications, modules or tools that are used to execute supply chain transactions, control associated business processes or manage relationships to suppliers. SCMS simplifies supply chain processes, saving organizations time and money.

Choosing the perfect supply chain management software for your organization requires thinking about several success factors, such as customization for your industry, compatibility with your current systems, the most pressing current needs for your organization and the reliability/track record of different vendors. enVista is familiar with all of the top supply chain management systems on the market, so we can help you quickly figure out which solution will align best with the goals of your organization and your current business processes.

There are tons of SCM software options on the market, such as E2open, SAP SCM, Logility, Oracle SCM, Highjump SCM, IFS, Epicor SCM, etc. enVista helps you narrow down your options by matching you with SCM options that meet the specific needs of your company, and then helping you launch a successful implementation.

The goal of the majority of SCM solution implementations is to create more visibility of the supply chain and its integrated parts. This allows organizations to see areas that are functioning well in addition to areas that could use improvement. Using one of these systems will likely change the way your organization’s supply chain operates as well as how your employees perform their jobs. Because of this, implementation can prove challenging. enVista’s supply chain software implementation team smooths the implementation process with years of successful experience. Our team will help your organization decide which implementation considerations are most important and help you manage any implementation challenges along the way.

A successful SCM software solution implementation requires several steps, such as figuring out what your organization needs, researching the different options, coming up with a realistic plan of implementation, considering the likely risks and roadblocks, resource planning, communicating with and onboarding staff, training staff, testing & monitoring and more. enVista will create a plan tailored to your organization that breaks down these steps, making the SCM systems implementation process easier for your entire organization.

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