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Find a true logistics partner with enVista's 3PL selection process.

Selecting a third-party logistics provider (3PL) can be complicated and risky. enVista’s proven methodology provides confidence that your selected provider will meet your long-term and evolving needs and be a true logistics partner.

logistics 3pl selection and evaluation

Choose a 3PL with a solution tailored to your unique business.

enVista’s 3PL selection experts will work through observation, data and conversation to understand your needs and what makes your business unique. Through our established network of relationships and marketplace understanding, we will match you with a short list of potential partners. Utilize our proven 3PL selection methodology to ensure your next 3PL outsourcing provider will understand your business, provide you with logistics services tailored to your changing needs and will truly partner with you to execute an efficient and cost-effective distribution network.

3PL Evaluation and Selection

Requirements Definition & Data Analysis

To best understand your business, our 3PL consultants will request and analyze data bidders then work with your team to define operational, transportation, and system requirements.

Location & Network Analysis

Using enVista’s location and network analysis tool, we will work to determine the best location for your business, optimizing service levels and transportation costs.

Request for Proposal Development, Delivery, and Evaluation

We will quickly develop a requirements-based request for proposal (RFP), ensure all parties are aligned and give a standardized response framework for a data-driven logistics technology selection process.

Bidder Sourcing​

We quickly develop a tailored shortlist of third-party logistics providers for your selection based on your needs, or we can execute a broader request for information.

Cost Analysis & Final Selection

Through a comprehensive cost analysis and team based qualitative/quantitative analysis, we will recommend the right third party logistics partner based on responses and industry knowledge.

Contract Negotiation

Leveraging our market knowledge and industry best practices, we will ensure your relationship with your selected partner is built on a solid foundation.

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