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Get results with sales & operations planning consulting.

Today’s consumer expects a wide assortment of high-quality products delivered quickly and inexpensively. Demand and supply must align throughout the supply chain to drive towards an integrated business plan (IBP).

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Leverage S&OP consulting to balance supply with customer demand.

Our experienced S&OP planning consultants focus on how to best synchronize supply with demand to meet service and profitability expectations, while improving commitment to customers and holding suppliers accountable. enVista helps customers bridge the gap between the traditional approach of doing manufacturing planning or sales forecasting as an exercise compared to driving alignment between sales, marketing, purchasing, lean manufacturing and logistics to ensure all functions are working under the same expectations towards the same goal.

We help your supply chain management team create a supply chain assessment and address any challenges while streamlining the planning process.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

We help you clearly identify and communicate customer fulfillment objectives and expectations, develop metrics across all functional teams that are all driving towards high level service KPI and heavily focus on KPI with root cause investigation and projects to correct.

Optimized Production and Inventory Costs

Our S&OP management consultants will provide clear understanding of inventory required to service end demand and the variability of that demand, use SKU-based analysis and a “plan for every part” approach, identifying production needed to meet the inventory requirements.

Synchronization Between Departments

This is critical for all teams to work towards the same objectives and at the same pace. For example, the supply team cannot be focused on adding inventory while inventory is planning to reduce space.

Correct Resources

Successful S&OP requires teams working collaboratively, so team-based skills are critical. We will help enable your associates to become detail-oriented and think “big picture” to drive actions through influencing.

Better Accountability

We will conduct operational assessments to help your organization identify key performance metrics for all functional metrics, create policy documents to guide the process and develop complete RACI chart.

Data Driven and Analytical

We will utilize deep analytics to identify trends, underperformance, overperformance and other performance issues. This type of data can then be utilized to create potential solutions, e.g., future fill rate expectations, future labor requirements and more.

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enVista can help you leverage S&OP to balance supply with customer demand. Contact us today to discuss your company’s needs.

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S&OP Strategy FAQs

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is the process by which a business achieves long-term synchronization across every stage of the supply chain. The two goals of sales and operations planning consulting are to align business objectives across departments and to match consumer demand with supply from manufacturers. This is accomplished through careful project management and execution across business departments to provide a holistic approach to supply chain management and operations.

S&OP’s virtue lies largely in its holistic approach. The overarching view helps organize business operations across the board, affecting almost every piece of an organization. For example, synchronization between departments can reduce the time needed to fulfill an order, allowing it to arrive faster and improve overall customer satisfaction. Cutting inventory costs by gaining a better view of supply and demand similarly can cut costs overall, helping a business become more profitable and efficient.

A manufacturer or distributor’s ultimate formula for success is making sure customers have access to items, whenever and wherever they want them. Current logistics and technology capabilities make successful sales and operations planning more attainable than ever before. The question is, at what cost and rate of return?

enVista provides manufacturers and distributors the answers to these questions by helping them attain significant savings, inventory reductions and efficiencies through the optimization of their supply chain networks.

Our sales and operations planning consultants are demand and supply planning experts. We hold suppliers accountable to help our clients create business transformation and drive profits with supply chain and S&OP best practices. 

Companies that integrate sales and operations planning (S&OP) into their daily planning and execution are equipped to address order forecast anomalies as well as production and capacity limitations. This places your organization ahead of the competition, even in unfavorable circumstances.

These same companies may not always fulfill 100 percent of the ordered quantity as requested, but they make accurate promises to their customers based upon customer priority, profit margin and supplier capacity, and they strive for continuous improvement.

Our Sales and Operations Planning process will enable your company to:

  • -Optimize production and inventory costs through supply chain optimization
  • -Synchronize between departments
  • -Balance supply and demand to increase customer satisfaction 
  • -Lower costs by applying the correct resources in order to meet demand
  • -Develop better accountability and teamwork by decreasing functional boundaries within your organization

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