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Sustainable solutions for a greener future.

We reduce inventory, carbon and energy waste by minimizing fuel consumption, inventory production and utility use. Manage and reduce social and environmental impact on your business activities.

We drive green solutions.

enVista continually identifies and implements new, innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, pushing both our own and our clients’ sustainability initiatives forward. Throughout our history, enVista has been consistently recognized by industry-leading publications for ways in which we reduce inventory, carbon and energy waste and assist customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals.

Our Social and Environmental Impact
on Business Activities

Labor & Distribution Centers

Facility Design and Slotting Tools

Benefit from more efficient facility designs with ideal labor models, reduce facility square footage and drive alternative Lean material flow strategies

Lean Process Improvements

Identify the solutions that most effectively eliminate current operational deficiencies and decrease waste through MUDA and MURA by systematically applying Lean principles throughout your facility’s processes

Employee Training Programs

Leverage training programs that reduce cycle time, while operations assessments result in an increase in labor productivity, generating greater efficiencies within distribution centers and a reduction in utility usage


Product Lifecycle Management

Gain a holistic view of your supply chain to manage and minimize cost and reduce inventory by ensuring the right product is deployed in the right place, at the right time – reducing safety stock and mark-downs

Forecast Accuracy

Understand forecast performance across statistical and value add activity along with historical demand to inform inventory strategy and correlate supply impacts to minimize inventory investment


Load Consolidation

Create fewer touchpoints and asset utilization reduces the number assets required to move freight

Routing Optimization & Mode Shifting

Condense time on the road while identifying more efficient modes of transportation such as rail, a combination of LTL loads and TL loads or air freight to help with sustainable logistics 

Determine and demonstrate fleet size based on outbound and inbound or backhaul shipping volumes, service requirements and more through robust modeling tools and expert insight

supply chain management map for material handling optimization

Supply Chain Network Design

Network Design & Optimization

Get closer to the customer for ecommerce and store deliveries and reduce unnecessary miles

Facility Consolidation

Reduce safety stock and labor requirements by consolidating distribution centers for greater efficiency

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Increase ROI Through Successful Warehouse Slotting

A well-thought-out slotting strategy also enables businesses to minimize wasted space and maximize storage capacity within the warehouse. Increase ROI using the right tools, strategy and management plan with successful warehouse slotting.


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