BOPIS & BORIS: Good or Bad for Retailers?

Any Technology Enabler that supports inventory visibility in near-real-time is critical for the success of BOPIS and BORIS, and retailers know it.

Here are some of the report’s key findings:

Benchmark Report

The most profitable fulfillment option for retailers is fulfilling from store. BOPIS and BORIS not only help retailers drive add-on sales and avoid shipping costs, they also meet customer expectations around convenience and speed. 

Sponsored by enVista, Retail Systems Research (RSR) has launched its first benchmark survey and study on the state of buy-online/pickup-in-store (BOPIS) and its counterpart, buy-online/return-in-store (BORIS). BOPIS and BORIS have become a reality for retailers in the last several years, and even more so now due to COVID-19. 

Download the RSR BOPIS/BORIS report to find out how your organization aligns against industry peers and where the industry is headed.

Authors: Brian Kilcourse and Steve Rowen, Managing Partners, RSR

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Processes lag, and the labor required to support what is in place today are significant Organizational Inhibitors to BOPIS and BORIS adoption. Winners simply “get” the need.

While retailers still obsess over competition from Amazon and its marketplace, and the company’s activities are the most frequently cited Business Challenge - there is a sense that stores can be used as a key differentiator, particularly through BOPIS and BORIS.

Retailers clearly believe that BORIS and BOPIS represent significant Opportunities for them – both in incremental sales and incremental traffic.

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Meet Customer Expectations and Drive More Sales with BOPIS/BORIS.