enVista Big Idea Sessions @ NRF

OMS & POS On a Common Platform -
The Key to Customer-Centric Commerce

Jim Barnes, enVista CEO

Sunday, January 13, 2019

2:00 PM - 3:00PM

Stage 5, EXPO Hall, Level 3


Success Stories: How to Enable a Strategic Vendor Drop Ship Program

Jim Barnes, enVista CEO

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Stage 2, EXPO Hall, Level 1


enVista CEO, Jim Barnes, will present two Big Idea sessions at NRF. Add them to your calendar.

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34% of Retailers are Focused on Increasing Inventory Visibility within 12 Months

It is impossible to manage and optimize your inventory across your supply chain without real-time, accurate, enterprise inventory visibility. Whether ensuring that a product is in stock when the customer walks into a store or having the ability to profitably fulfill an online order within the expected time frame, companies need to have accurate and real-time visibility to inventory across all segments of their supply chain.

32% of Retailers are Focused on Implementing Warehouse Automation within 12 Months

With e-commerce orders on the rise, the order profile and handling unit of measure has increasingly moved from pallets and case picks to units of one. While the total volume or number of units fulfilled within a distribution center (DC) may not have dramatically changed, the labor and work required to fulfill the same number of units have increased exponentially. Consequently, automation has become even more critical for fulfillment.  

2020 Special Report: Aligning Your Inventory

2020 Supply Chain Survey

Optimizing inventory placement and fulfillment across the supply chain

Optimizing inventory levels, positioning, and visibility are critical for retailers to improve order profitability


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Download the 2020 Supply Chain Survey Special Report: Aligning Your Inventory, sponsored by Körber, to understand current and future priorities and initiatives necessary to optimize your inventory to help efficiently deliver the necessary shopping experience.

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Today’s retailers must focus on omnichannel agility and profitability

As retailers evolve their supply chain to meet short- and long-term requirements, they are encountering various challenges:

  • 34% - balance increased e-commerce demand with store demand 
  • 30% - improve efficiencies 
  • 26% - access and move store inventory 

These areas of focus drive the need to align inventory levels to support increased demand while ensuring that store inventory can be used to easily fulfill online and in-store customer needs.

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The 2020 Supply Chain Survey Special Report: Aligning Your Inventory is based on findings from enVista’s 2020 Supply Chain Survey, sponsored by Körber