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Optimise processes and efficiencies with automation.

In an ever-increasing complicated supply chain environment, automation has become the primary strategy to ensure realisation of supply chain productivity and financial goals while maximising customer service levels.

Leverage automation for a competitive advantage.

We bring a dedicated team of robotics integration, labour management, warehouse design and systems engineering and implementation experts to help you project and model an optimal approach to your distribution centre labour productivity and automation.

Robotic assembly arm helps with industrial robotic integration.

Engineer future processes for the optimal mix of robotics and automation.

Automation is increasingly used in distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing operations in response to today’s tight labor market and rising labor and fulfillment costs. Overcome these challenges by leveraging enVista to determine the right automation for your business needs.

enVista brings a dedicated team of robotics integration, labor management, warehouse design and systems implementation experts to help you project and model an optimal approach to both your distribution center labor productivity and automation.

Competitive Advantage with Automation

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Relocating and Automating Operations with Warehouse Design Build and Fulfillment for Luxottica

  • Developed Luxottica’s system design and integration as well as automated packaging line
  • Brought a holistic approach and was able to work very swiftly on different alternatives and solutions
  • Delivered consolidated pick, pack and shipping requirements into single, automated system, consolidation of facility into one location, inventory visibility and flexibility into workforce

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