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The following blog was written by ScanSource in partnership with enVista.

Upgrade Your Warehouse Mobility with Zebra for Android

The year 2020 is already shaping up to be one for the history books, and we’ve only just begun. While there are a lot of events shaping the outcome of the world and our country, there’s one in particular that is shaping the trajectory of something a little closer to home. 2020 will be noted as the final nail in the coffin for legacy Windows® operating systems and the end of support for data collection devices running on them. This means the time has come to migrate your devices and operating solutions to Android™. And for that, you might need a little help.

Choosing Android as your operating system is an easy one. Android is designed for the Enterprise, it’s focused on the future, and migrating to it will help you be more competitive, while connecting more easily with the entire supply chain. That being said, how will you know which Android devices are right for your company? How can you take advantage of all that Android offers? And who can you turn to for unmatched warehouse technology support? All these questions and more can be answered by the mobility experts at enVista. 

We can tailor a wireless warehouse technology solution to suit your specific needs and will be by your side throughout the entire migration process. Our long-standing culture of accountability affords you peace of mind throughout the entire process and beyond. Based on your specifics, we can help you navigate warehouse mobility with a complete mobility solution design, starting with a selection of devices.

10 Key Considerations for Choosing Zebra for Android

With an eye toward future development and improvements, Zebra offers one of the largest ranges of enterprise-optimized Android devices in the industry. Here’s a look at 10 key considerations for your new warehouse mobility solution and how they synchronize with Zebra’s Android offerings.

1. Application and Environment

In a commercial environment, you need a tool that faces a variety of harsh conditions. Will it be used by someone wearing gloves, exposed to indirect sunlight, or come into contact with harsh chemicals such as disinfectant? Zebra products are engineered to stand up to drops, spills, extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, and more.

2. Data Capture

Speed and accuracy are the critical factors when scanning. Users may need to scan 1D and 2D barcodes, and the codes may be damaged or distorted by shrink wrapping. Zebra’s Android devices can capture an entire document or multiple barcodes of data and automatically populate your existing systems quickly and accurately in a single scan. And, Mobility DNA tools such as Swipe Assist can accurately capture data in a single swipe, boosting efficiency and reducing inaccuracies.

3. Power Needs

Will your device be in continuous use all day or even over several shifts? Are your workers always on the move? Power management goes beyond having a high capacity battery that could last a single shift. The power management capabilities within Android can enable longer battery life with fewer charges. And, with PowerPrecision Console, a Zebra Mobility DNA tool, you can identify and remove aging batteries from your battery pool before they impact workforce productivity.

4. Training and Ease of Use

The more familiar the operating system, the faster users will get to know the capabilities of the device they are using. Training employees on a less-than-friendly interface can take time and at best can only be partially effective. As the world’s most popular operating system, Android will be familiar to most of your workforce, which means less training is required on the basics, and users can find the functions they need quickly and easily.

5. Security and Lifecycle Management

Securing a mobility deployment is a multifaceted effort: from MDM selection and configuration; to policy definition, enforcement and training; and ultimately, to the capabilities of the device you select. Mobility Extensions (Mx) from Zebra transforms Android from a consumer operating system (OS) to a true enterprise-class OS with a series of additional features and options that improve security and device management. And, by adding Zebra’s LifeGuard for Android you can extend the life force of your enterprise mobile computers up to seven years, significantly lowering your TCO.

6. Connectivity and Quality

When workers need to be able to access job related data or back-end systems on the move, Zebra’s robust WWAN/WLAN connections and seamless roaming can make all the difference. Take into account whether your workers will require only voice, only data, or a combination of the two. Then determine how the scale of the deployment might impact the range required for each. Will your system need to span one building, several buildings, a large industrial space and/or support workers in the field?

7. Manageability, Control and Support

Will your device lighten the load on IT or add to it? Zebra’s Mobility DNA management tools make it simple to implement maximum control and security along with toolkits to make integrating apps and mobile devices fast, easy, and problem free. The ability to centrally and remotely manage devices simplifies upgrades and troubleshooting, easing the burden on your IT teams. 

8. Support and Repair

Keeping your device fleet up and running requires a fast turnaround on repairs, replacement options with pre-existing software and setting provisions, and exhaustive, no questions asked coverage. Zebra’s fast, expert device and infrastructure repair service applies this enterprise level of continuity to the Android platform.

9. Backwards Compatibility

How will the rate of device churn impact your deployment? Constantly replacing devices that have failed and/or upgrading too frequently can result in a fleet of mixed generation devices with significant support complexities and capital outlays. The accessories and chargers for a newer models of a device may not be backwards compatible requiring additional purchases and a loss of equity in prior investments. With Zebra’s Android devices, the roadmap is clear, future-proofing your mobility strategy.

10. Total Cost of Ownership

How much will your mobile device really cost? When you factor in the potential cost of worker downtime, accelerated replacement cycles, additional accessories, and the support needed for a successful implementation, the true costs of mobility go far beyond just the devices’ initial purchase price. Standardizing on Zebra’s Android devices eliminates much of the complexity of running a fleet of mobile devices, while the future-proofing further reduces TCO!

Let’s Have a Conversation™

There are a lot of great opportunities associated with optimizing your warehouse with Zebra’s Android warehouse solutions. There are also great challenges. Challenges that enVista can help you with in order to achieve the efficiency, productivity, and reliability you’re looking for. The journey to ensure that you’ve got the right solution to connect with your needs begins with a conversation. We invite you to contact us today and learn how we can best support you and your organization with warehouse technology.

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