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[Video] – How Omni-Channel Brands Can Enable a Strategic Dropship Program

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Implementing Dropship for Retailers and Distributors

Dropshipping is when retailers or distributors directly utilize vendor or third party inventory to fulfill customer orders. For brands that want to enable endless aisle to improve customer service and capture sales, adding dropship capabilities is a game-changer.

Vendor dropship programs are a great way to leverage your suppliers and trading partners to increase item assortment, reduce inventory carrying costs and optimize order routing based on inventory position. However, to realize these benefits, you need an effective approach.

Some of the key considerations when implementing and sustaining a successful dropship program are:

  • Relationship management within the retailer’s network: merchandising, purchasing, operations and customer service
  • Retailer/vendor relationships – protecting your brand to ensure your vendors are an extension of your company
  • Exception management to make sure customer experience goals are met

For a full discussion on launching a strategic vendor dropship program, watch my presentation from NRF’s Big Show 2019 with Chadwick Hamby of GNC: “Vendor Dropship: How Omni-Channel Brands Can Enable a Strategic Dropship Program.”

How Omni-Channel Brands Can Enable a Strategic Dropship Program


Dropshipping can be an effective way to improve customer service and capture sales. However, it’s critical that you have the right approach and expectations to successfully get your program off the ground.

To learn how enVista can partner with you on your vendor dropship or omni-channel goals, reach out to start the conversation! 

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