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As Supply Chain Professionals, we are always looking for a book to read that will not only impact our careers, but also our company.  Luckily our chosen career path has given us ample opportunity to read on airplanes and while stranded in random airports throughout the country as air travel sometimes can become quite delayed.  What we have found through the course of this journey is that other professionals were also looking for similar benefits from expanding their knowledge through reading and supply chain discussions. We also found that so many professionals from Warehouse Supervisors to Buyers to Strategic Supply Chain Executives were also looking for a chance to take their interest of reading business books and leverage them in their daily activities and supply chain initiatives through networking with other professionals and discussing key concepts within this community.

The Goal:

The concept of this blog “The enTeractive Professional” was to not only meet the need of continued networking, but do so while discussing books and answering the questions “How can this be applied within supply chain”? and “How can I leverage it in my career?”.  These questions will be answered through reading books, discussing questions on the blog, and listening to interviews from Supply Chain professionals.

The Format:

Every three months we will be announcing a core theme and each month announce a book that relates to the core theme.  The schedule:

Last week of the month- Book Topic Blog Write up of Monthly Book and Announce Next Month’s Book

Mid-month Questions and discussion points

The third book will conclude with a video blog that includes an interview with a Supply Chain executive discussing the core themes and points within the book. 

The Launch:

Our first theme: Lean Six Sigma

The first book:  “The Toyota Way” by Jeffery Liker

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on the books, answer the questions posed by the blog, and network.  You are responsible for your continued development, what’s keeping you from your potential?

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