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Is It Time For Your Company To Collaborate With SharePoint?

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SharePoint is an enterprise information portal that can be Intranet, Extranet, and Internet sites. It is a content and project management system from Microsoft that lets you manage collaboration and documentation. Users can create content, manage teams, approve concepts, share files, and much more. The key benefit of an application like Sharepoint is that it leads to substantially easier collaboration within your organization. But how do you know if Sharepoint is right for you?

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of the same old processes. Doing things that way because that’s the way they’ve always been done and it works… but do they really work?

You might need SharePoint if…

  • Your email administrator is spending half the IT budget on more storage for everyone’s email quotas
  • Your company’s communication is made up of “All Office” emails sent haphazardly
  • Everyone on your team has different versions of the same working document
  • You can’t find the one document you need to perform your next task
  • Your intranet or internet site looks like something from the start of the new millennium
  • You have to talk to that one guy who knows HTML to update any content on your intranet or internet site
  • To find the individual(s) with a specific skill, you have to go to HR or send an email out to the whole company
  • Your company or team calendar is a piece of paper in your break room
  • Company reporting requires multiple Excel files that have to be updated as new data is supplied
  • You have no idea what tasks have been assigned to you
  • Approval processes consist of sending a document via email to review and provide feedback

SharePoint gives your team access to document and picture libraries, social integration, business intelligence tools, customizable workflow, meta data and tagging based file organization, co-working document space, website content management and publication and advanced search capabilities. Because it is a Microsoft product, SharePoint also integrates with the existing Office applications used in many organizations.

Preserving a consistent brand is critical to employee adoption or maintaining customers. People use many devices in their busy schedules and having a solution that adapts to mobility is a must. A SharePoint solution can be uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether that is an intranet, public facing site or both, a solution can be designed for your business today while also being flexible for future growth.

SharePoint can be implemented via the Cloud or on premises. Microsoft SharePoint Online is an Office 365 service for businesses of all shapes and sizes. SharePoint Online helps you drive new revenue and inspire loyalty by providing ways for customers to easily share documents and work together with colleagues and customers. Microsoft SharePoint Server allows you to provide dynamic solutions to help your customers increase productivity, cut costs, and respond to rapidly changing business environments. SharePoint features a single, extensible platform for flexible intranet, extranet, and Internet solutions.

Learn more about SharePoint and enVista’s Microsoft business solutions.

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