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Figuring out how you want to leverage the ~18 years of education you have just received upon college graduation is no easy feat. With so many options at a college grad’s disposal, it can be hard to understand not only what you want out of a career, but then how to find it – and finding a job that aligns with your personal and professional values on top of that can seem like a dream, until now.

Exceptional college graduates across Indiana are able to find all of this and more through the prestigious Orr Fellowship Program. 

Orr Fellowship’s mission is to empower extraordinary college graduates to become the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Orr Fellowship is a two-year program in which fellows participate in a unique curriculum of personal and professional development.

At enVista, we value development and uniting your personal values with a career in which you can find passion and growth. Hear from enVista’s very own Orr Fellow, Tanner Cline, on how he got his start in the Orr Fellowship program, and how the transition into his role at enVista as an Orr Fellow has been for him.

  1. How did you get involved with Orr Fellowship?

Going into my last year of college as a mechanical engineering and economics major, I was all over the place when searching for a career after school. I had interests in project or product management, the construction industry and even going to law school for Intellectual Property law. It was not until several of my friends approached me and told me that I would be a great fit for Orr Fellowship that I even considered the possibility of joining this organization. They told me that the Orr Fellowship provides two years of professional growth opportunities, various way to get involved within the Indianapolis community, plus an expansive network of peers, coworkers and mentors. Not to mention it also aligned with my aspirations of diving into the business world as well, as the Orr Fellowship’s mission is to develop the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. However, what really sold me was that within the hiring process, the Orr Fellowship would match me with a host company that would best fit my goals and talents. This removed the stress of trying to find a job that would best fit me and allow a proven system to match my talents with what they saw was best suitable.  

  1. What was the process like of getting hired at enVista?

The hiring process was unique because, essentially, you must go through the hiring process twice. The first time, you get vetted by Orr Fellowship through several phone interviews, group forums, and then a one-on-one interview with one of the Orr Fellowship executive board members. Only after getting approved by this board member was I given the opportunity to showcase my talents at Finalist Day. This day is always in early November and is held in the tower of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is an intimidating environment, with over 45 companies present to interview over 80 candidates. Throughout the day, I went through a speed dating-type interview process with 4-5 companies, each lasting exactly one hour with various breaks. Likewise, each company interviewed 8-10 candidates and decided on their top choices. At the end of the day, the matching process began, and I was offered a position at enVista that night. It was an exhausting and exhilarating day meeting all of the companies, as well as the candidates that were there trying to put their best foot forward.

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  1. What is the most valuable asset, personal and/or professional, that Orr Fellowship has given you so far?

The most valuable asset that I have gained thus far through the Orr Fellowship has been the vast support through the current fellows and the alumni of the program. I believe when anyone enters the workforce it is intimidating, a bit frightening, and it is easy to lose your values in a job. The Orr Fellowship provides the ability to bounce ideas off one another as well as the chance to ask professional questions and help you grow in your career.

  1. What has the transition into your role at enVista through the Orr Fellowship been like for you?

My transition into my role at enVista through the Orr Fellowship has been very smooth. The onboarding program at enVista was very beneficial much like the onboarding program at the Orr Fellowship, in that I know both organizations want me to succeed, and I was given the tools to do so via these onboarding programs. In addition, through the Orr Fellowship, I am constantly meeting with other Orr Fellows to talk through our experiences at our respective companies and any concerns that we might have. I believe there is an extra layer of support when you can collaborate with other people in the same situation as yourself.

  1. How do you feel you are leveraging and/or how do you plan to leverage Orr Fellowship to benefit you at enVista?

One way I am leveraging the Orr Fellowship during my time at enVista is that I am being able to grow professionally through two different means. The first, through my experiences in my role within the client services team and learning what it means to have a full-time job. The second, through my membership as an Orr Fellow and all of the experiences and opportunities that present themselves. There are many differences between a full-time job and a summer internship; the level of responsibility is much greater and with that the stakes are a lot higher. I have always done my best work in this setting, and I have always believed that I have grown the most when the pressure is at its highest. Therefore, I would not want it any other way and being able to add on the Orr Fellowship to a full-time job has done just this. Being an Orr Fellow, in some weeks, feels like holding two full-tome jobs. It is run completely by fellows and much like a professional fraternity, it is programmed by us as well. In some weeks we might have three to four various events happening, such as a workshop, speaker event, monthly meeting or a recruitment event. This is just another level of responsibility and gives more opportunities to grow.

  1. How do you see Orr Fellowship influencing your career in the short and/or long-term?

Everything goes back to the network that I have created in the Orr Fellowship. I believe that there will be several people in this network that will influence my career in the long-term because these people are my friends, co-workers and mentors. These people have a huge impact on my life and career now, and they will continue to have that impact moving forward, because I always know that I can go to them for advice and mentorship.

Interested in learning more about how enVista can provide a career that aligns with your personal and professional values? Visit our careers page for more information about our unique, award-winning culture and open positions.

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