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Empowering Growth through Technology with a Strategic Service Provider

Strategic service providers

There has been an evolution occurring in the information technology (IT) consulting space. For years IT consultants, and in-house IT staff alike, would be the “fix-it” folks, managing tasks from setting up a connection to the printer, to installing phone extensions for new hires as they were brought on board. While this has, and still does, work for many businesses, there is unbelievable opportunity in moving beyond traditional IT support.

What is a strategic service provider?

 In order to not just survive but thrive in today’s competitive business environment, businesses should always be evaluating ways to get ahead. One way to gain a competitive advantage is by investing in and partnering with a strategic service provider (SSP) for IT needs. A SSP brings all the tried-and-true benefits of tactical IT support together with the added benefit of overall business strategy. What is different about a SSP compared to traditional IT support is that it becomes a true business partner that goes beyond maintenance and promotes growth.

Using technology to grow business

Technology can be a catalyst to business growth in almost all industries. It can lower costs and bring services and products to market faster. It can also enable a more efficient and productive workforce. Now more than ever, with the emergence of the internet of things (IoT) among other advancements, technology is closely intertwined with business. A technology partner that understands a business’s goals can align IT direction to meet those goals. If a company doesn’t have flexibility and scalability within its technology stack, it won’t be able to grow the way business leaders might desire.

During regular meetings with business leaders (weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the size of company and scope of work), a SSP will ask questions to find out how technology can help achieve business goals. The strategic service provider will gain an understanding of the drivers of their clients’ business and formulate a plan for how technology applications can support the business now and in the future. If a client’s business climate changes unexpectedly, the SSP will already have the knowledge needed to act swiftly to bring IT needs up to par. A knowledgeable partner will always be able to anticipate the businesses’ ever-changing IT needs.

The ability for businesses to have a true IT partner on a broader level than before can provide great value. When searching for IT support, businesses should seek out a partner that is willing and able to provide industry expertise beyond the ability to fix problems as they arise. A strategic service provider should be sought to anticipate issues and uncover ways for technology to be a catalyst of business growth.

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