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Can Your Customers “Start Anywhere” and “Finish Anywhere”?

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There is no question that the customer journey has become nonlinear.  Consumers may start their shopping journey online or on their phone, make their purchase at a physical store (webrooming) or visit a store to “try” merchandise and finalize the transaction from home or on their phone (showrooming).  In some cases, consumers may bounce between these channels numerous times before making their final purchase decision.

As consumers navigate a cross-channel shopping experience, they want the experience to be seamless and frictionless. In fact, according to BRP’s Consumer Study, 86% of consumers are interested in a personalized and consistent experience across all shopping channels.

Making the cross-channel experience seamless is a top priority for retailers, as 71% indicate that within two years, they plan to offer a shared cart across channels to enable start anywhere, finish anywhere capabilities. See chart below from BRP’s 2019 Unified Commerce Survey.

Cross-Channel Capabilities

Unfortunately, adding the capability for a shared cart across channels is easier said than done, as only 28% of retailers indicate that they have this capability today and 82% of those retailers indicate that the process needs improvement.

 As retailers scramble to offer the omni-channel capabilities that are becoming expected by consumers, many have resorted to integrating disparate systems together and often rely on manual processes, which result in capabilities that aren’t seamless or in real-time.

The solution to this omni-channel challenge is a unified commerce platform that provides a single version of the truth across all channels to enable transparency and real-time visibility to inventory, product and customer information.

Many retailers realize that they need a unified commerce platform. In fact, according to the 2019 Unified Commerce Survey, “the industry has wholeheartedly embraced the concept of unified commerce with 86% of retailers indicating they have or plan to implement a unified commerce platform by mid-2021.”

While the thought of implementing a unified commerce platform can be very daunting, it doesn’t need to be. enVista has helped many retailers implement a unified commerce platform in weeks or months, versus years. 

enVista has extensive, real world consulting experience guiding many retailers through the journey toward unified commerce and is able to quickly identify strategies and opportunities in store operations that make the most sense for your company. enVista focuses on optimizing profit, not just increasing sales or minimizing costs.

Learn more by exploring our unified commerce platform and retail consulting services. Ready to talk? Reach out to start the conversation!

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