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The Business Case for Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 F&SC Migration


The enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry is quick-moving, and keeping up with the latest advancements and upgrades is critical. From its initial offering as a DOS-based financial application in the 1980s, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) has been dominant in the ERP systems market, but as technology has advanced and business requirements have evolved, Microsoft has introduced more sophisticated ERPs, including Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain (F&SC). If your organization is still using a legacy ERP tool like Microsoft GP, it is time for an upgrade. 

Your Upgrade Business Case 

The technology underpinning Dynamics GP is undeniably outdated, lacking the sophistication and efficiency offered by the latest ERP solutions. Organizations still leveraging GP should consider several reasons for upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics F&SC.  

  • Microsoft will be sunsetting its GP offering, meaning there will be no further upgrades or technical support for those leveraging the tool. This will put those leveraging GP at a serious disadvantage against its more advanced competitors.  
  • GP has limited manufacturing features, meaning that manufacturers will be limited in the ways they can benefit from GP. Ultimately, GP will fall short in its ability to serve complex manufacturers.  
  • GP’s strength lies in financial management, making it less comprehensive in the industries it serves. Larger and more complex organizations will not benefit from the advanced functionality they need in an ERP when leveraging GP. 

Why Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Supply Chain? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain (F&SC) is a comprehensive ERP solution designed to meet the diverse needs of medium to large-scale businesses. F&SC is an integral component of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, delivering powerful tools for financial management, supply chain optimization and operational efficiency. With native functionality, F&SC contains a warehouse management system and enables connectivity with Power Platform, Project Management and Account, minimizing the need for multiple ISV solutions. 

With a focus on real-time insights and seamless integration, D365 F&SC empowers organizations to make informed decisions, adapt to evolving regulatory landscapes and enhance overall agility. Where legacy platforms like GP come with a level of rigidity in their functionality, D365 F&SC is joining the evolution toward customization for the masses, with capabilities like Power Platform and composable apps. There are several reasons to consider a transition to F&SC.  

  • F&SC has the complexity to seamlessly manage organizations that consist of multiple entities, locations, countries and/or manufacturing companies. 
  • F&SC is able to manage production processes, resource planning and product lifecycle from end to end. F&SC fits the needs of different types of manufacturing including discrete, process and project-based production. 
  • F&SC can cater to a much wider range of industries. The tool has robust functionality for manufacturing, distribution and logistics, retail, healthcare, multi-national organizations, project-based industries and more. 

Managing a Seamless Upgrade 

Now that you know why it is time to make the move from GP to F&SC, the next step is to get started. Upgrading an ERP can be a disruptive process, but with the right partner, the upgrade can be done seamlessly and without disturbance to the business. When doing a D365 Finance & Supply Chain upgrade, data is key. Finding a partner that is both a Microsoft partner and a data expert will make all the difference in your upgrade. Consider these best practices when navigating your upgrade. 

  • Partner with the Right Expertise: A successful upgrade begins with selecting the right partner. Look for a Microsoft Managed Partner with extensive experience in Dynamics 365 F&SC upgrades and a deep understanding of Dynamics GP. This expertise ensures a smooth transition, covering both technical intricacies and strategic planning. 
  • Ensure Seamlessness: With a proven, repeatable process, your upgrade journey can be streamlined to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. A meticulous approach to data migration, customization rationalization and process migration ensures a seamless transition with optimal resource utilization. 
  • Take a Holistic Approach: A comprehensive upgrade methodology encompasses every aspect of the migration journey, from initial planning to post-go-live support. By focusing on technical data upgrade, legacy customization rationalization and standard process migration, organizations can minimize implementation time, effort and cost. 


The transition from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain represents more than just a software upgrade—it’s a strategic move toward future-proofing your business. With the right partner and a holistic approach to migration, organizations can embrace the modern capabilities of F&SC, driving operational excellence and staying competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Now is the time to make the shift and embark on a journey toward greater efficiency, flexibility and success. Let’s have a conversation.® 

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