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The Importance of Data and Analytics in Logistics Operations


Guest Author: Matt Dorton, Sr. Consultant, Technology at enVista

Why is data important? Not only is merely having data important, but good data is key to enabling organizations to view the health of their transportation network and gain insight on how to make improvements and the effects of the improvements. These methods of improvement can involve carrier compliance, low-cost carrier utilization, load consolidation performance, mode conversion and many more. enVista’s team of analysts has decades of combined experience in transportation data analytics and has helped leading transportation organizations extract maximum benefits from their shipping networks.

Challenges in Completing Transportation Data Analysis

While it’s easy to understand why transportation data and analytics are important, the task of completing the analysis is another challenge entirely. Few companies understand all the intricacies of how their transportation networks operate, and the details and trends are waiting to be discovered within the data. It is critical to find a team that knows how to extract this valuable information and use it to improve efficiency in your network. However, before this work can begin, it’s important to recognize data challenges that could present themselves:

  • Bad Data: Issues such as null or incorrect data points, and missing fields can hinder accurate analysis.
  • Lack of Data: Recent network changes may not allow adequate time to establish a reliable data baseline.
  • Poor Data Control: Inexperience in capturing relevant data for analytics can impede progress.

Benefits of Data Analysis in Transportation

What are the benefits to data analysis of your transportation network? Aside from obvious answer of cost savings, there are many other areas of improvement. Service improvements, rate increase mitigations, minimum charge avoidance, multi-stop truckloads and many other continuous improvement strategies are among the network enhancement methods at your disposal. However, all these developments require good data to produce an effective and measurable solution.

Why enVista?

What sets enVista apart from other consultancies? We are leading industry experts who do this all day, every day. Whether it’s managing and knowledge transfer for a client’s entire RFP or truckload sourcing, we’ve done it, and we’ve done it exceptionally well. In fact, a recent management of an LTL bid saw customer savings of over $10 million, representing a 9 percent reduction in total category spend.

Our unique blend of operational and analytical expertise lets our customers walk away with more than just dollar savings – they walk away with a transportation network that can adapt quickly to swings in the market and can scale to meet any future growth. Contact us today to qualify for a free 30-minute transportation network consultation to see what enVista can do for you.

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