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Drive cost savings with transportation network optimization.

 In a dynamic market where companies need to be agile to survive, transportation network optimization is a necessity to drive process efficiency and capture cost savings opportunities.

Create greater efficiencies and optimize your transportation network.

enVista’s analysts will perform forward looking transportation network optimization analysis to identify opportunities to further optimize your transportation network and lower your freight bills. We will provide actionable and obtainable solutions to achieve cost savings and enhance current processes.

Our deliverables include:

  • Data Collection & Validation
  • Current State Process Flows
  • Constraint/Assumption Definition
  • Baseline Analysis
  • Opportunity Documentation
  • Future State Analysis
  • Future State Process Flows
  • Financial Analysis/ROI
  • Implementation Plan/Roadmap
Transportation consulting services for transportation networks

A Few Tips for An Optimized Transportation Network

Decide what your optimal freight network looks like and make this clear to your team. It’s hard to optimize transportation without knowing the goals of your optimization.
Understand your customers’ needs. Check in with your customers to figure out areas where you could improve.
Collect and keep track of data. Carrier bills, your billing system, your enterprise resource planning system and your 3PL bills are all sources of valuable data. You’ll want to keep track of things such as freight capacity, order size, order weight, deliver dates and destination locations. Having this data on hand makes optimizing future processes much easier.
Run through possible scenarios to make sure you’re prepared. Do you have the employees and tools that you’d need to address all possible scenarios? Can your system do things such as suggesting mode conversion or building multi-stop loads? These scenarios help you understand where your company may need expert help to get things on track.
Get help if you need it. Speak with your carriers, freight partners and software and tech providers. Let them know you’re optimizing your freight network and make use of their expertise to anticipate and deal with any possible issues.
Make sure you have the right logistics technology for the job. Trying to optimize your freight routes without a good transportation management system or a 3PL with similar capabilities is very difficult. Making the right choice here is crucial for future success, so make sure your technology company will have the ability to deal with future hurdles and help you meet your goals and execute your deliverables.
Ensure you have the right team. If you’re operating in a dynamic industry, such as retail or grocery, you need to make sure that your partners and team have the capabilities to manage the challenges of a constantly changing and flexible environment. Even with a well-thought-out supply chain network design and material handling strategy, these industries are guaranteed to experience changes in dates, timing, order size, etc. Make sure you have the right people in place to handle these changes.
Consider diversifying your network of shippers for a more integrated transportation strategy. You generally can choose from a private fleet, a dedicated outsourced fleet or for-hire carriers and logistics companies. In today’s rapidly evolving transportation landscape, it often makes sense to utilize some combo of all three of these logistics solutions to make sure your company’s shipping needs are met in a timely manner every time.
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Driving Savings from Grocer’s Transportation Network

  • Modeled and measured the impact of adjusting delivery windows, resulting in .9% savings
  • Consolidated commodity group shipments, resulting in 4.75% cost reductions
  • Evaluated backhaul operations, which identified 5.8% in cost reduction by expanding backhaul network
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