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10 Things Every CFO Should Know About Supply Chain

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I am very sympathetic to CFOs. They have the critical and heavy responsibility of managing cash flow, profitability and costs. Yet, many of the CFOs we work with have two things working against them

The first is that they cannot be experts in every given area of their business. Supply chain is an exceptionally complex area that not only impacts cash flow, profitability and costs it also impacts customer service. So, how do they walk the delicate balance to both reduce expenses and improve service levels?

Which brings me to my second point. Few CFOs have visibility to the metrics they need to improve their financials. Even if they do know what needs to be measured and the information is available within the organization, the data is often found in Excel spreadsheets and disparate systems. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I encourage you to educate and empower your CFO with a new white paper we’ve written, What Every CFO Should Know About Managing Supply Chain Costs. The 10 tips provided will not only help your business improve supply chain visibility and cost control, it may also help supply chain leaders gain more support for the strategic initiatives you’ve got planned this year and into the future.

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