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Discover How to Maximize the ROI from Your ERP Investment

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Implementing a new ERP can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Every successful project starts with research and planning to ensure the final results meet your expectations and result in a healthy ROI. When implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365), whether you are upgrading from another Dynamics ERP or an entirely different ERP, the project should be treated as a new implementation rather than a simple upgrade.  

Key Considerations When Implementing D365  

At enVista, we have successfully implemented D365 for a variety of companies and learned the dos and don’ts every company should consider before starting any ERP implementation. With that said, we put together a guide and compiled our findings, so every company implementing D365 has a successful project that meets their needs and expectations.   

1. It’s Not Just an IT Project  

Many organizations just hand over technology implementations to the IT team. The tendency is to define requirements, review the base software, and say to IT: “Okay, go build it.” 

That is a shortcut to a failed implementation. Any implementation is a business project and should be treated as such. The new solution will be a key part of the business operations moving forward, therefore, the entire business must drive the change. 

This is a new solution, not merely software. Business personnel must participate and drive the definition and validation of the new solution being implemented. This is a prime opportunity to refine the processes and operations to optimize the software’s impact on the organization. 

2. Consider Future Operational Needs 

What will your operations look like in the next five to seven years? If you only consider today’s operations, you will not simultaneously be laying the foundation for the future… 

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