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Year-End Round-Up: enVista’s Top 10 White Papers of 2020

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An unprecedented year for businesses across the globe, 2020 challenged companies’ ability to remain flexible and agile amidst a global pandemic. Throughout the year, enVista has continued to act as a resource within the logistics industry, providing expertise and insight within various verticals. By offering fact-driven, informative content, enVista’s library of white papers helps readers make educated decisions about their supply chain, particularly as they look to adapt their supply chain to meet evolving consumer demand and expectations. We’ve compiled our most downloaded white papers of 2020 below for our year-end round-up.

Spend Diagram

Find the Money: How a Transportation Spend & Revenue Diagram Can Help

An easily digestible, one-page visual, the Spend & Revenue Diagram is a simple way to begin your strategic assessment in helping to reduce transportation operating costs. This white paper outlines the steps for collecting freight spend data to create the diagram, as well as how to use a Spend & Revenue diagram to lay out the subsequent steps for your strategic assessment.

supply chain responsiveness

How to Keep Your Supply Chain Responsive & Adaptable to Change

Future-proof your supply chain with a robust, adaptable response plan. Whether you are addressing a dispersed supply chain, allocation or reallocation of inventory, or conserving cash, take action with a flexible strategy to minimize the impacts due to unforeseen disruption.

Dirty Little Secrets of OMS

The 12 Dirty Little Secrets of Order Management Systems (OMS)

As retail complexity continues to grow with omnichannel demands, businesses are faced with increasing customer expectations, legacy systems that can’t keep pace, and data visibility and integration issues. Selecting the right OMS is critical, and we’ve provided everything you should know when selecting a cloud-based OMS, including the 12 “must-know” secrets.

Carrier Sourcing Strategies

Carrier Sourcing Strategies and Best Practices

Shippers can best enable themselves to negotiate with parcel carriers by being flexible and enabling themselves to switch carriers, incorporate new carriers, and make necessary changes to distribution. From channel transit time requirements to exception reporting and delivery windows, enVista’s experts offer insight into carrier sourcing strategies and best practices.

Designing an Incentive Plan

10 Tips for Successful Incentive Plans

Incentive plans are highly effective to motivate and reward employees and help to improve productivity. enVista offers 10 tips to help develop a successful incentive plan, as well as guidelines for implementation and helping your organization quickly adapt to new guidelines.

Improving Transportation Operations

Improving Transportation in the Real World

While ideal transportation operations are difficult to achieve, it’s possible to identify an ideal approach to improving transportation in the real world, finding real savings, and adding value to other functional areas in the supply chain. From auditing to designing and implementation, this white paper provides six steps to enable shippers and 3PLs to improve transportation operations and increase supply chain value.

wms implementation tips

Do’s and Don’ts of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) Implementation

System implementation and change management is a complex process and because it impacts many other customer-facing components, a disciplined WMS implementation approach is vital to mitigate business disruptions and ensure long-term success. enVista has developed this list of the key do’s and don’ts for WMS implementation projects, based upon hundreds of successful WMS implementations utilizing proven methods to effectively guide your team.

secrets of carrier sourcing

The Dirty Little Secrets of Carrier Sourcing

Sourcing in transportation is a requirement in which terms are regularly renegotiated. However, optimized shippers will source regularly, even amid agreement terms, to test the market and search for opportunities for higher value at a lesser cost. Gain insight into the hidden secrets of carrier sourcing and tips on reducing carrier spend.

wms vs wcs vs wes

Warehouse Management System vs. Warehouse Control System vs. Warehouse Execution System

Many companies find themselves at a crossroads when deciding whether to invest in a warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system (WCS), warehouse execution system (WES), or a combination of the three. In this white paper, enVista explores the specific functionalities of each, pinpointing where systems intersect to help businesses determine which system(s) best meet their needs.

strategic warehouse design

Strategic Warehouse Design: The Dos and Don’ts of Planning

Warehouse design calls for strategic thinking that identifies long-term goals and sales strategies, as well as cooperation among all involved parties. enVista outlines common mistakes, defines key data profiles that should be collected before initiating the design, and discusses the importance of identifying alternative designs before building.

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