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Unlock your full supply chain potential through optimized warehouse design.

A strategic warehouse design enables flexible and integrated solutions, improving operational performance and generating exceptional ROI. enVista’s comprehensive solutions encompass equipment, layout, Lean processes, systems evaluations, labor analysis and more.

Adapt to business change with an optimized warehouse design.

Warehouse design involves more than just equipment layout. The combination of a proven design with the right equipment, processes, personnel and technology ensures a successful and adaptable facility capable of handling change. enVista synchronizes the physical and material flows of a distribution center with the critical data flows to create the optimal facility.

Future State Design Requirements

We develop comprehensive future state design requirements to drive confidence in the DC’s ability to accommodate your organization’s strategic business directives.

MHE Concept and Sensitivity Analysis

We evaluate operational and financial impacts across MHE alternatives, and leverage sensitivity analysis to give confidence within areas of uncertainty.

Lean Process Design

We eliminate waste and cost through our comprehensive future state lean process design.

DC Design Layout

We ensure a tightly integrated solution and optimized material flow driven from our team’s comprehensive experience and engineering skillsets.

Systems Impacts

Leverage enVista’s breadth and depth of experience to ensure all aspects of a complete solution come together, including evaluations of your systems’ ability to map to future state process requirements

Proven experience. Maximum results.

Designing and Implementing a Highly Automated Distribution Network for Caleres

  • Brought wholesale distribution operations in house with a highly automated distribution network, designed and implemented by enVista
  • Designed to handle 10,000 cartons per hour—or an estimated 200,000 pairs of shoes a day—with space to store 5 million pairs at any given time
  • Capable of shipping a total of 80 million pairs of shoes a year
Shoes delivered quickly with a good shipping process.

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Optimum Facility Design

Learn the right ways to proceed with a facility design, common mistakes to avoid and the key data profiles to collect prior to design.


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