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Improve efficiency through warehouse slotting optimization and analysis.

Warehouse slotting is often an afterthought due to competing operational priorities. However, properly slotted SKUs can have dramatic impacts on pick efficiency, replenishment frequency, space utilization, location availability and service.

An optimized warehouse layout design improves sku velocity and pick order time.

Leverage enVista to optimize your operations through warehouse slotting optimization.

Let enVista’s engineering and supply chain professionals develop a slotting strategy and program tailored specifically for your unique operations. We can manage this process of organizing as an ongoing service or help on a project basis, removing this burden from your team so they can focus on other critical needs. You will benefit through the operational efficiencies gained by ensuring your slotting program remains in an optimal state, allowing you to meet order fulfillment timelines.

Slotting Service

Our team manages your ongoing slotting program, ensuring the appropriate frequency of slotting updates to keep your operations optimized while taking this burden off organizational staff.

Slotting Project

Our warehouse slotting strategy team can help on a project basis, jump-starting your organization’s ability to achieve optimized SKU placements and pick and pack location assignments.

Pick Efficiencies

Improve your pick productivity and lower your costs by reducing travel distances, minimizing product damage and improving ergonomics.

Space Optimization

Optimize the available storage capacity in your warehouse or distribution center by ensuring SKUs are striking the appropriate balance between space consumption, inventory availability and replenishment frequency.

Reduced Replenishments

Are frequent replenishment tasks creating service risks and driving up labor? Our fixed slotting services address these challenges by ensuring sufficient targeted inventory levels.

Return on Investment

Drive improvements to your slotting ROI through reduced upfront costs for the ongoing support and pricing model that comes with slotting-as-a-service.

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