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Fine-tune your supply chain with Lean process improvements.

enVista’s Lean Six Sigma certified consultants focus on eliminating waste in manufacturing and distribution-centric organizations using Lean Six Sigma tools and training.
efficient processes to streamline your production or service with the concept of lean six sigma

Eliminate waste and streamline processes in your operations with Lean process improvements

enVista strategy professionals utilize the concept of Lean Six Sigma to optimize your organization and improve customer experience. Lean Six Sigma is critical in reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving service in a competitive business landscape. enVista’s approach to Lean Six Sigma combines industry experts with a data-driven methodology to assess an operation’s current state. Our consultants will observe, analyze and benchmark your operation’s individual processes to discover key areas of improvement to increase your bottom line. Utilizing this methodology, our industry experts can provide a comprehensive roadmap to Lean, best-in-class solutions that improve processes and create Lean organizations.

Operations Assessments

We obtain a holistic view of the production or service processes within your four walls. An operations assessment will provide you with an understanding of your site’s current state, its placement on the supply chain maturity model, benchmarks against industry leaders, as well as tactical and strategic operational project improvement methods to implement.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

We generate a comprehensive view of your facility’s processes and break down those processes into value-rated categories. VSM will help you clearly distinguish between value-added and non-value-added steps in each process.

DMAIC Framework

Once we have created more efficient processes to reduce wasted time, labor, and/or resources, we can lead Lean Six Sigma projects to address business areas of concern using the Six Sigma approach of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC).

Lean Six Sigma Roadmap

We create and help execute a Lean Six Sigma roadmap for your company, helping you work towards a Lean enterprise and establishing a culture of continuous improvement.

Lean Material Flow Analysis

We help you look at your business in a mathematical way, identifying any problems in the material flow and informational flow, and at the same time, identifying opportunities for improvement. A Lean material flow analysis will enable you to make objective decisions for the design/redesign of a facility.

Organization Transformation

Using Lean methodology, we enable your company to transform into a Lean Six Sigma culture, lead Green and Black Belt training and participate in an internal transformation project to establish the framework of an efficient and effective Lean Six Sigma organization.

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