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Drive productivity with workforce management consulting.

Significantly improve customer experience by implementing a holistic workforce management program focusing on associate training, change management, process improvement and technology.

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A union organizer learns about micro-fulfillment technologies and labor laws

Maximize Workforce Performance

Labor accounts for a significant portion of operational costs. In order to compete, companies must eliminate wasteful activities that prohibit an optimal customer experience. Once a workforce management strategy is in place, companies quickly realize increased productivity, reduced costs and improved overall efficiency.

Enhance workforce performance with enVista’s holistic workforce management consulting services.

Workforce Environments

Our expert workforce management consultants offer extensive experience in union and non-union workforce environment projects.

Project Benefits

enVista’s labor management programs empower organizations by delivering reduced labor costs, motivated employees with clear goals and immediate feedback, increased facility capacity and volume throughput, improved customer service, optimized use of systems and visibility to performance.

Diverse Clients

With 400+ successful labor management engagements across distributors, retailers, manufacturers and 3PLs, our workforce planning consultants offer extensive experience in complex environments, including mezzanines, pick to light, pick to cart, put walls, voice and more.

Industrial Engineering Team

Our in-house workforce management consulting team is focused on labor management and process improvement implementations.

Lean Six Sigma

With certified Green and Black Belt consultants, enVista delivers a strategic plan for Lean process improvement.

enVista’s Employee Training Services and Solutions

When implementing a project, proper training of the project team and end users is critical to success. Thorough, strategic training prior to go-live substantially reduces errors and disruptions and improves productivity and efficiency.

Labor Management Systems enVista consultants have completed more than 400 labor management projects. Our team of workforce management experts has extensive experience with LMS applications from leading providers including Blue Yonder/JDA/RedPrairie, Manhattan Associates, Körber/HighJump, NextView as well as homegrown legacy solutions. ​

enCompass is enVista’s proprietary, comprehensive, cloud-based labor management application that helps organizations improve operational cost effectiveness. Through real-time performance management, employee engagement, and data analytics, enCompass helps maximize performance and continuous improvement.

Motivate employees with a variety of incentive programs including nonmonetary rewards as well as pay-for-performance bonuses.

Install and configure productivity tracking software to effectively manage labor at the individual level.

Measure actual performance against desired results by establishing distribution and manufacturing metrics to evaluate performance and drive continuous improvement. After review, a plan is created to close the gap between those desired and actual results.

Develop multi-variable engineered labor standards through time and motion studies that are accurate, fair and specific to each operation.

Review current processes to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for eliminating waste throughout the distribution channel including waste of motion, travel, processing, waiting/queuing and inspection.

enVista offers change management, leadership and workforce training programs

An operations consulting workforce management crew checking on a warehouse.

Proven experience. Maximum results.

Food & Beverage Distributor Improves Labor Productivity with LMS

Active warehouse management spurs greater distribution for a bottled beverage company.

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The Five Components of Best Practice Labor Management 

Adhering to these best practices will not only drastically enhance your labor management program, thus increasing associate satisfaction, retention and productivity, but it will also make your operations much more prepared to comply with any laws that may be passed in your state.

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Improve employee productivity and retention with workforce management solutions.

Associates are the most valued asset of an organization, and having a smoothly functioning human resources team is essential to organizational success. Onboarding and retention of these associates or temporary workers in a rapid manner require a formal training program consisting of the establishment of clear goals, feedback on performance, coaching and motivation.

The success of your organization is dependent upon your leadership’s workforce planning and training skills. Yet, most companies fail to teach future leaders how to evaluate the effectiveness of their function within the business at the expense of the day-to-day issues. Our labor development and training consultants can help you assess and enhance the leadership capacity of your organization. We will work with you to ensure the future success of your business by developing the skills of your employees and next-generation managers.

Our labor management implementation team can help your employees develop into the future leaders of your organization and provide smooth leadership transition as the company grows.

With our labor development and training program, your company will see:

  • Improved execution and performance through a formal associate training program
  • Enhanced supervisor communication skills
  • Greater associate retention
  • Increased support for human resource management initiatives regarding associate training, communication and retention

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