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Provide your customers with a stellar holistic shopping experience.

Customers want to find what they’re looking for easily, no matter when, where or how they want to shop. Be where your customers are with a single commerce platform to seamlessly enable unified commerce.

Leverage enVista’s expertise to successfully define your unified commerce strategy.

Internal data and organizational channel silos have made it challenging for retailers to deliver a unified customer experience. A unified commerce platform is imperative to deliver the holistic and personalized experience customers expect.

Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce Strategy

A unified commerce platform is not simply the future in-store or web platform, but combines in-store POS, mobile, web, order management, call center and clienteling into one integrated platform. enVista’s retail experts have the experience to successfully navigate retailers through the process of defining the right unified commerce strategy for your brand.

Strategic Roadmap

Unified commerce is first and foremost a customer-centric endeavor. enVista helps you align your unified commerce strategy with your customer experience goals to create a roadmap designed to delight your customer at every touch point.

Unified Commerce Technology ​

The scale of a unified commerce project means that selecting the right technology partner is crucial. enVista’s retail experts help your organization navigate the vendor landscape with a proven selection methodology, ensuring that your strategic goals and system needs are met.

Platform Implementation ​

We help define business process flows, guide vendors and manage the project to a timeline and budget. We work with your team throughout the planning, design and development, testing and final implementation to ensure a seamless and successful implementation.

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