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Deliver profitable, customer-centric commerce with a unified commerce platform.

enVista’s Enspire Commerce Platform is the #1 unified commerce platform to deliver enterprise inventory visibility, optimized order orchestration and fulfillment, customer engagement and experience management.

Increase your SKUs and sales without increasing your costs with a Unified Commerce Platform.

enVista’s Enspire Commerce Platform enables buy, fulfill and return anywhere commerce. Strategically built from the ground up as microservices architecture and delivered on an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), enVista’s commerce solutions easily integrate with existing systems and deliver the enterprise inventory visibility, omnichannel order orchestration and fulfillment, GMROI and seamless and frictionless experiences for your customers. In today’s customer-centric retail environment, we make it easy to drive your business, empower your store associates and deliver your target business outcomes with our market-leading unified commerce platform.

A consultant gathering data about a unified store using a unified commerce platform.

The Optimal Platform for Speed Agility Profitability

Leverage any combination of solutions on our platform to rapidly grow and scale your business.
Unified commerce companies performing inventory management with an integrated platform.

Order Management System (OMS)

Leverage a single view of your inventory and customer, optimally orchestrate and fulfill orders, manage the shipment experience and empower customer care.

Point of Sale (POS)

Empower your associates to elevate the customer experience with omnichannel POS. Our POS promotes customer engagement, services and sales results.
The retail POS stage of the consumer journey.
PIM software system.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Seamlessly manage item attributes and variants across your enterprise with product information management.


Expand your item assortment to meet customer demand and increase sales without taking on inventory costs. Rapidly onboard suppliers and 3PL partners to fulfill orders.
A single platform reduces drop shipping errors for a digital commerce company..
Customers that are happy with their omnichannel retail experience.

Customer Experience

Manage and optimize your omnichannel customer experience from order through fulfillment to exceed expectations and foster brand loyalty.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Seamlessly exchange data and documents with trading partners across your retail network to unify enterprise commerce and manage orders, including documentation and imagery to publish to any desired source.

Exchange • unified commerce strategy data with EDI.

The Optimal Platform for Speed, Agility & Profitability

Drive Agility

Stay ahead of the curve with our flexible capabilities, version-less platform, delivery model and reporting and analytics

Quickly Integrate and Reduce Costs

Rapidly integrate with existing technology across your network and enable unified commerce in weeks, versus years

Improve Data Visibility & Business Intelligence

Obtain a single enterprise view of your customer, inventory, order, item and payment

Only enVista uniquely accelerates
and maximizes your omnichannel results.

Our end-to-end commerce and supply chain solutions expertise offers our customers the unmatched retail domain expertise necessary to bridge digital and physical commerce.
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Years of In-House OMS Expertise
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The Industry's First Unified Commerce Platform Built as Microservices
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Customer obsessed?
We are, too.


I would tell other companies that are interested in doing business with enVista that in doing so, they will have a true partner.
Chad Hamby, VP, eCommerce Operations & Solutions


The capabilities of enVista’s OMS and Unified Commerce Platform are extremely robust. enVista’s solution is exceptionally sophisticated and agile to meet our long-term needs.
Tricia Tolivar
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


The Enspire Commerce team brings a wealth of retail and 3PL experience, making them a valued partner for our business.
Steve Congro
Director, Omnichannel Technology


enVista’s OMS and Körber’s WMS provide robust capabilities and seamlessly integrate, enabling us to optimally manage high order volumes at a time when consumers increasingly work out at home.
Jeff Hill
Director of IT
Titan Brands

enVista is well positioned to continue their growth... we believe they will continue to be even more disruptive against some of the more established vendors they compete with.

— Jerry Sheldon, Analyst, IHL

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Unified Commerce Platform FAQs

Unified commerce is a strategy that allows you to centralize any data you have collected about your company’s products and customers on a single platform. Unified commerce platforms are ecommerce platforms that allow organizations to create interconnected systems of customer relationship management, inventory management, mobile commerce ecommerce and more. These systems are used to provide valuable insights on how to improve customer experience across your organization.  

A unified commerce platform offers advantages to organizations, such as reducing time spent on integrations across platforms, delivering timely and seamless shopping experiences for your customers and performing inventory management in consistent real time. 

Unified platforms allow digital commerce organizations and brands to meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering timely and relevant personalization through the entirety of the customer journey via unified platforms. You can easily keep track of your customers behaviors, from purchase history, to shopping carts, to participation in loyalty programs. 

Omnichannel allows your digital commerce organization’s sales channels to communicate with each other. Unified commerce, on the other hand, connects all your sales channels seamlessly in real time, showing you the constant flow of data between your various systems. The goal of unified commerce is to offer your organization complete transparency and accuracy, as well as improve your customer shopping experience from start to finish.

A unified commerce platform allows your organization to support your customers’ omnichannel journeys from beginning to end. They offer a single, unified view of your inventory/products, customer interactions and management systems. This type of centralized platform allows you to gain a complete view of your organization, enabling you to organize consolidated data insights from a single source. Now, more than ever, customers are looking for a quick and efficient shopping experiences. To remain competitive and meet consumer expectations, companies must deliver simple and efficient omnichannel shopping experiences from the beginning to the end of the buying journey.

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