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Drive transportation cost savings with carrier contract optimization.

Integrated contract optimization comprises much more than just carrier sourcing. It incorporates sourcing with operational efficiency to achieve organization objectives at the lowest possible cost.
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Leverage enVista’s carrier contract optimization experts to achieve organizational objectives at the lowest cost.

enVista acts as an extension of your transportation team, advocating for reduced shipping rates  and optimized parcel spend over the long term. Our team of experienced consultants come from all three sides of the transportation triangle: consultants, shippers and carriers – giving them a unique perspective to holistically examine your shipping data. We help you in every stage of the process, from carrier contract negotiations to shipping invoice audits.

Future-State Modeling

We help establish your contract and carrier agreements based on a desired future-state carrier cost model. Then we ensure the execution of that vision is realized.

Granular Contract Analysis/Scenario Management

We take a deep dive into your current contract and shipping invoices, analyzing which scenarios achieve the most success for your organization.

Contract Negotiation Support

We act as an extension of your team, participating in contract negotiations with the carrier and supporting your end goals.

Peer-Based Benchmarking

We analyze your contract against others in the marketplace, ensuring that you retain fair terms and a competitive advantage.

Proactive and Ongoing Data Monitoring

We actively conduct invoice audits and monitor your shipping and carrier data to keep your contracts and carrier agreements up to date. 

Proven experience. Maximum results.

Vera Bradley Achieves 7% Cost Savings Through Parcel Contract Analysis and Negotiation

  • Developed a number of analyses and reports using twelve months of carrier invoice data that provided valuable insight into Vera Bradley’s parcel shipping
  • Provided a parcel audit profile, operational abstract, cost model and benchmark analysis and based on the results of the benchmark analysis, undertook and managed a parcel contract analysis & negotiation (CAN) project
  • Assisted in designing and executing a transition plan to allow for a smooth, efficient cut over of parcel volumes with minimal impact to both external and internal customers
vera bradly bag shipped with reduced shipping costs

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